Starfield provides its players with an extensive character creation menu. The game’s customization tools allow fans to make a broad variety of characters, as it gives them a wide range of options within each category. However, it’s not only focused on the character’s appearance; gamers can create characters will all sorts of personality traits, and this will change certain gameplay aspects that they’ll run into and even give them a different set of skills.

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As players get deeper into the game’s story, they might realize that they don’t enjoy a certain trait that they chose at the start, so this guide will show players how they can remove every trait available in Starfield.

How Traits Work

trait screen display all available traits in starfield

Right at the start of the game, players must choose three traits when they create their Starfield character. These traits will define who their character is and how they see the world around them. It will also give them access to unique items, dialogue options, and certain skill perks from the get-go.

The only reason that players might want to remove a trait is if they don’t associate themselves with it anymore or don’t want to handle its negative sides. Each trait has its own set of negative and positive aspects, so once fans have removed a trait, they will no longer receive any benefits from it, but they also won’t have to deal with its side effects. For example, players who chose the Introvert trait at the start of the game might realize later on that they always travel with companions and are being harmed by it rather than benefiting from it.

Even though gamers can easily remove a trait by talking to certain characters or completing specific activities, they won’t be able to receive any other additional traits later on; their character will permanently have fewer traits than they would normally once the player has committed to removing it.

How to All Remove Traits in Starfield


Even though there are several traits that can be removed simply by talking to a medical professional and paying a sum of money, there are others that require gamers to find representatives of certain factions. Here is how players can remove each trait in Starfield:


How to Remove It


Alien DNA

Remove for 10,000 credits

Reliant Medical

Dream Home

Foreclose house by talking to Landry Hollifield or pay off debt

Galbank in the Commercial District, New Atlantis


Remove for 10,000 credits

Reliant Medical


Talk to Andy Singh

The House of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis

Freestar Collective Settler

Talk to Mayor Elias Cartwright

Cartwright Estate, Akila City

Hero Worshipped

Talk to the Adoring Fan and express that he needs to find another interest or kill him



Talk to Andy Singh

The House of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis

Kid Stuff

Talk to Dad to stop sending money back home

Family Apartments in the Residential District, New Atlantis

Neon Street Rat

Talk to Madame Sauvage

Ebbside, Neon

Raised Enlightened

Talk to Andy Singh

The House of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis

Raised Universal

Talk to Keeper Aquilus

Sanctum Universum in the MAST District, New Atlantis

Serpent’s Embrace

Talk to Miz’ra

UC Security Office, in the Spaceport, New Atlantis


Remove for 10,000 credits

Reliant Medical


Remove for 10,000 credits

Reliant Medical

Terra Firma

Remove for 10,000 credits

Reliant Medical

United Colonies Native

Talk to Administrator Rookes

Health and Human Services Floor, Human Resources Office, in the MAST District, New Atlantis


Talk to the Trackers Alliance Agent and pay off bounty for 3,000 credits

Cydonia, Mars

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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