Starfield is bursting with optional side quests and activities to complete across the wonders of space. One side quest players can discover in Starfield is the Lost and Found quest, which sees players searching the grounds of a luxurious hotel resort called Hotel Paradiso within the namesake holiday destination.

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Talking to NPCs and exploring locations is one of the best ways to find side quests in Starfield, and the Lost and Found quest is no exception, wherein players search for missing hotel guest lost items, including a missing wedding ring, to get some pretty decent rewards. However, despite a few clues, some lost items can prove tricky to find.

How To Begin Lost And Found

Starfield lost and found quest concierge computer

To begin the Lost and Found side quest, players must travel to Paradiso in Starfield, located on the planet Porrima II. Once landed, head to the nearby hotel and speak to an NPC called Dirk on the reception desk and ask about renting a room. To pick up the quest, select the second dialogue option stating, ‘Maybe I can help you find the lost belongings.’ Select the computer on end of the desk to bring up a list of lost guest items in a computer file.

starfield lost and found computer list

The top section of the file details a list of lost guest items and where they were last seen, including the lost room keycard, thermos, wedding ring, and slate.

How To Complete Lost And Found

starfield paradiso

To complete Lost and Found, it’s up to players to search the hotel and surrounding grounds for the missing listed items, using the information in the file as clues about where to look. Players can also see a checklist of the lost belongings in their quest inventory.

Lost Wedding Ring Location

starfield lost wedding ring location lost and found quest

Perhaps the trickiest item to track down in Starfield‘s Lost and Found is the lost wedding ring. The file information states it went missing on the beach, outside the entrance to a cabana. Exit the hotel lobby and turn right to head to the nearby beach. On the left are two large circular buildings, which are the cabanas. Ignore the first and head towards the stone staircase by the second cabana.

starfield lost wedding ring location lost and found quest

The lost wedding ring is located to the right of the stairs in the bushes. Players should ensure they equip and use Starfield‘s scanner tool so the ring becs visible, and also check they have the quest marked as active in their inventory so the ring appears.

Lost Thermos Location

starfield lost thermos lost and found quest

Next up is the lost thermos, also located outside the hotel. Head back towards the hotel entrance and follow the path round towards the landing bay. About halfway along the pathway, there is a set of boxes in the corner. Use the scanner to locate the lost thermos on the path behind the boxes.

Lost Room Keycard Location

starfield lost keycard location lost and found quest

It’s now time to go inside the hotel to search for the missing room keycard. Return to the hotel lobby and take the elevator to the Fifth Floor Premium Suites. Exit the elevator to find the lost key card located on the floor in the corner of the hallway in-front, just behind the white coffee table near the couches.

Lost Slate Location

starfield lost slate lost and found quest

Return to the elevator and ride it to the Rooftop Terrace. It can take some searching to find the lost slate, but players can find it on the floor opposite the main bar near a white couch. Now players have all the missing items, it’s time to return to Dirk for a reward.

Lost And Found Quest Rewards

starfield dirk lost and found quest

After collecting all the lost items, head back to the Hotel Paradiso lobby to tell Dirk the good news. He praises players for their help and rewards them with 1300 credits. Although not a massive sum of money, it’s still a decent amount that could be handy for buying ships in Starfield, a home, or better gear. Players also obtain 55 XP points for completing the Lost and Found quest.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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