• Glitches in Starfield have been reported by players, with one particularly surprising glitch involving a ship leaving the planet without the player inside.
  • The glitch occurred when a player returned to their ship on the planet Neon, only to have it suddenly lift up and fly off without them.
  • Some players have experienced other immersion-breaking bugs, such as disappearing ships and repeated glitches, leading to loss of progress.

In a hilarious clip, an unlucky Starfield player returned to their ship to find it leaving the planet without them. There have been many glitches reported by Starfield players ever since the game launched earlier this month, but this glitch may be the most surprising.

Space travel is a very big part of the gameplay of Starfield, with spaceships playing a central role. Players can take the time to build whatever type of spaceship they’d like in Starfield from small personal spacecraft to larger cargo vessels, all the way to massive capital ships. Players can even use these ships in combat while flying around in space. Normally, only the player can fly the ship to a new destination, but thanks to a strange glitch, one player learned that their ship can fly itself.

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Reddit user LightMyFirebird posted a clip of a glitch in Starfield that shows their ship lifting up and taking off without them inside it. In the clip, LightMyFirebird can be seen returning to their ship on the planet Neon, but before they can take off, the ship rises straight up in the air. Before they can do anything about it, the ship flies forward, right off the planet, without the player in it.

The animation of the ship lifting up and taking off is a common animation found in Starfield for when the player decides to leave a planet. Usually, the player would be inside the ship before this happens, and that’s what makes this bug so strange. In the comments, LightMyFirebird mentions that they had to fast travel around a bit to get the ship back in their possession. The original poster of the clip also said once they hard reset the game, this issue resolved itself, and it hasn’t happened again. Many people in the comments joked that it wasn’t a bug at all, and that Vasco the helpful robot actually stole the ship.

Many players are enjoying their time with the game. However, it’s not rare to find some people running into immersion-breaking bugs in Starfield. One commenter named Fallenangel152 noted that they also ran into the same glitch in the above video, except for them, the issues kept popping up repeatedly. They had to eventually revert to a working save file from hours prior, losing all their progress up to that point. Another commenter mentioned their ship kept disappearing from the docking station in one of the game’s side missions.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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