The city of Neon is one of Starfield’s most vibrant and interesting locations. Home to the Ryujin Industries faction which players can join, the city also has dozens of side quests hidden within its bright buildings and congested alleyways.

Players who have signed up for Ryujin and followed the faction quest line will notice that it is filled with tasks of sabotage and corporate espionage, often testing the moral fibers of players as they are faced with a multitude of tough decisions. “Top Secrets” continues this theme as players are faced with a dilemma that can be resolved in a number of different ways.

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Meeting Ularu

Starfield Top Secrets Walkthrough Ulrau

Following the completion of “Maintaining The Edge,” players will meet with Imogen. She will then begin the next mission by taking them to meet her senior, Ularu Chen. As one of Ryujin’s top executives, Ularu commands a lot of respect and can be quite dismissive at first. Ularu explains that the mission involves collecting information from an outside contact, but that it is likely to cost credits and that Ryujin will only reimburse 1000 credits.

The information is said to be of the utmost importance and of crucial interest to Ryujin Industries, so the client is expected to have a very high asking price for the information. It will be up to the player to negotiate this price.

How To Deal With Simon Ryczek

Starfield Top Secrets Walkthrough Simon Rycek

The contact in question is a man named Simon Ryczek, who can be found in the settlement of Cydonia on the planet Mars. Ryczek is not initially willing to part with the information, and will ask the player for a favor in exchange. Players can exchange the information for credits, but even with a successful a persuasion attempt against Ryczek, he will only lower the price to 8,000 credits. This deal can be accepted at a loss of 7000 credits, but it is better to do the favor for him to get the information for free.

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For players who choose to inquire about the side job, Simon will explain that a woman named Malai Liskova is pursuing him and trying to kill him. His task for the player is to simply get rid of her and bring back her unique pistol, Ember, as evidence of her death.

How To Deal With Malai Liskova

Starfield Top Secrets Walkthrough Malai Liskova

Players can find Malai Liskova aboard her ship, The Datura. This ship will be in orbit of Saturn, so players will not need to leave the Sol star system to find her. There are many ways players can approach the mission. The quickest is to shoot the ship and destroy it, then collect the weapon from the debris. However, it is also possible for players to talk to Malai and board The Datura.

Here, once again, players will have the opportunity to either attack her or persuade her to hand over the weapon as evidence. Having dealt with her one way or another, players can actually commandeer The Datura and take it back to Cydondia, thus acquiring one unique ship and one unique pistol in the same mission.

How To Retrieve The Project Dominion Files

Starfield Top Secrets Walkthrough Project Dominion Files

Having dealt with Malai Liskova, players will be able to gain the evidence slates from Simon Ryczek. The slates contain information about Project Dominion, and explain that the files are located on Stanley McMillan’s computer in Cydonia.

Players can access these fairly easily, though they may need to sneak to evade detection as the computer is technically illegal to hack. The files talk about Project Dominion in further detail, explaining that is an advanced Neuro-Amp device in development. Once players have downloaded the files, they will be ready to report the information back to Ularu in Neon to advance to the next quest in the Ryujin faction story, “Background Checks.”

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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