• Twitch streamer xQc experienced an intense bout of frustration while playing Mortal Kombat 1, leading to a rage-quit and abruptly ending his live stream.
  • The game features a new storyline where Fire God Liu Kang rallies a team of combatants to protect EarthRealm from impending turmoil.
  • xQc’s anger escalated as he faced continuous defeats and relentless combos, resulting in him physically venting his frustration by slamming his keyboard. He eventually ended the stream and announced his switch to Kick.com.

In a stunning twist of events, Twitch streamer xQc experienced a notable bout of frustration during a recent gaming session of Mortal Kombat 1. Known for his gaming prowess, dynamic reactions, and candid commentary, renowned content creator xQc hit a level of agitation seldom witnessed on his channel. After a series of punishing defeats, xQc’s simmering anger culminated in a spectacular rage-quit, promptly followed by him abruptly ending his live stream.

Mortal Kombat 1, the fourth title developed by NetherRealm and the 16th main installment of the acclaimed franchise, revisits its origins but with a fresh spin. In this rendition, Fire God Liu Kang, having acquired his newfound powers at the conclusion of Mortal Kombat 11, has reshaped the franchise’s timeline to manifest an era brimming with peace and harmony. Yet, looming shadows threaten to engulf this serene world in turmoil, compelling Liu Kang to rally a refreshed lineup of Mortal Kombat 1 combatants to protect EarthRealm once more.

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Notably, Mortal Kombat 1 became available to Standard Edition owners on September 19, while those who secured the Premium Edition gained early access on September 14. During a recent livestream, xQc decided to give Mortal Kombat 1 a shot, but the experience proved to be far from enjoyable. Choosing General Shao as his character, xQc soon found himself falling victim to a relentless onslaught of low attacks, exacerbating his frustration. The subsequent rounds proved even more disastrous, as he became the target of relentless combos, causing his anger to reach its boiling point. As the matches continued, xQc’s fury escalated to the point where he resorted to physically venting his frustration on his keyboard, lifting it and slamming it down on his desk in a fit of rage.

After enduring a string of live losses on Twitch, he eventually decided to shut down the game and conclude the stream, announcing his intention to switch to his alternative streaming platform, Kick.com. It’s worth mentioning that xQc has been known to express frustration during gaming sessions; as recently as February 2023, he ended his playthrough of Elden Ring in a similar fashion, rage-quitting live, and uninstalling the game from his Steam account.

Only time will reveal whether former Overwatch professional xQc can hone his fighting game skills, but it’s noteworthy to mention that Mortal Kombat 1 is already set for an update. As per the patch notes, this update promises to address bugs, enhance accessibility options, streamline the game’s user interface, and more.

Mortal Kombat 1 is available now in early-access, and launches September 19 for PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

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