• Super Mario RPG’s Nintendo Switch remake features an Easy Mode, allowing players who are more interested in the story to enjoy the game without the challenging battles.
  • Players can choose between the re-arranged songs by the original composer or the original SNES music in the game’s soundtrack, appealing to nostalgic fans.
  • The addition of a bestiary provides fans with additional backstory or lore about the game’s unique enemies, and a post-game rematch feature allows players to fight bosses again in a more powerful form.

A new website for Super Mario RPG‘s Nintendo Switch remake has opened up, which gives details regarding some of the new quality of life features such as an Easy Mode and music options. Super Mario RPG has become one of Nintendo’s most highly anticipated 2023 games ever since its surprise announcement at the June Nintendo Direct. With the remake only a couple of months away from release now, Nintendo is giving fans a more detailed look at Super Mario RPG, including details on what has changed and what has been retained.

The recent September 2023 Nintendo Direct gave fans another look at the upcoming Mario RPG, detailing some of the new features for the Super Mario RPG remake. These include a change in the game’s battle mechanics, such as successfully executed Action Commands can fill up a new gauge meter. When the meter reaches 100%, players can unleash powerful special attacks known as Triple Moves. Some other quality of life features not covered in the trailer were detailed on the game’s official website.

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Nintendo recently opened a website for Super Mario RPG that gives a brief rundown of the game and some of its mechanics, though currently it’s only in Japanese with no English equivalent. A translation of the site details a new difficulty mode not present in the original, Easy Mode. The original game had no difficulty modes to choose from, with the remake giving players who are more interested in the story rather than the battles this option. Players can toggle between Easy and Normal mode at any time.

The other option shown off on the website is the ability to choose the version of the soundtrack that will play in-game. Yoko Shimomura, the original composer of Super Mario RPG, was announced to be doing re-arrangements of the game’s score for the Switch remake. Players can easily select between the re-arranged songs or the original SNES music in the options menu, which will likely please more nostalgic fans.

One of the other Quality of Life features detailed on the website was the addition of a bestiary. Any enemies or bosses fought in Super Mario RPG will be recorded in it, which will likely provide fans with additional backstory or lore regarding some of the game’s unique foes. Bosses in the remake can also be fought again in a new post-game rematch feature, where opponents like Johnny will be more powerful than their main game counterparts.

Super Mario RPG will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2023.

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