What Is Quartz Used For?

Lies of P starts out by introducing players to the combat mechanics and tossing them headfirst into battle against some rather strong enemies. The first few zones can be a nightmare for newcomers, and it can take players quite a bit of adjusting to get used to the hard-as-nails mechanics. But what begins as a relatively simple affair blossoms into something brimming with depth, as players begin to collect more and more mechanics along the way. By the time players arrive at the hub of Hotel Krat, they’ll have a solid grasp on some of the title’s many systems.

One of the most important systems uses Quartz as a currency. These valuable items can be found all over Krat as treasure or rewarded for slaying powerful enemies. Here’s a look at what Quartz does in Lies of P.

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How To Use Quartz In Lies Of P

Lies Of P Geppetto Office Hotel Krat

To use Quartz, players will first need to find Geppetto and help him return to Hotel Krat. This includes defeating a few major bosses, as well as a tricky boss named Mad Donkey. Once players have successfully freed Geppetto, he will head to the Hotel Krat safe haven and begin to occupy the large room located upstairs. In this room, Geppetto will set up a strange-looking machine, complete with a large chair. After speaking to Geppetto and learning about the existence of a latent item called the P-Organ, players will be able to access the P-Organ upgrade menu by interacting with the chair itself.

Interacting with this chair and entering the P-Organ menu will allow players to pick specialized nodes and slot Quartz into them. Each node will have a specific number of Quartz slots that will need to be filled before it becomes active (the starting nodes require two Quartz each to activate). Not only do the nodes themselves offer upgrades, but slotting the Quartz will also give players a life of buffs to choose from. These buffs cover a wide range of things from better attacks and stagger moves to better defense, and so much more. Some buffs can even affect things like shop prices.

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With so much to unlock, players are free to pick and choose according to their playstyle, helping to further develop their character into something that feels truly personal. There are many pieces of Quartz to find throughout the adventure, but players shouldn’t worry too much about the choices they make as they will eventually be able to reset their P-Organ and refund their Quartz if they so choose.

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Lies of P

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