There are several valuable items of weaponry to find in Starfield. They are found with merchants or on spacers and pirates. However, as the story continues with more challenging missions, weapons can lose their effectiveness and become obsolete. As a result, players must upgrade their weapons and suits to stand a chance against the more dangerous enemies in Starfield.

The Microsecond Regulator is an exotic manufactured component used for upgrading and adding modifications to weapons. However, locating them on missions at abandoned facilities or enemy outposts can be random. This guide shows players the most reliable methods to obtain Microsecond Regulators in Starfield.

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Where To Purchase The Microsecond Regulator

Starfield - Sieghart's Outfitters on Neon

Like many exotic and rare resources in Starfield, players will have better luck purchasing the Microsecond Regulator from vendors in cities across the galaxy. The item can be found in random places throughout the game, but merchants are the best way forward as a reliable source. Here are some merchants that sell Microsecond Regulators:

Shepard’s General Store

Following the story in Starfield, players will eventually wind up in Akila City in the Cheyanne System. One of the most reliable stores in the city and in the game is Shepard’s General Store. Speak to the tired-looking Shepard, access his resources, and he’ll have several Microsecond Regulators in stock for 212 credits.

Sieghart’s Outfitters

Neon Core is one of the most populated cities in Starfield. The Cyberpunk-styled city holds helpful stores like the Trade Authority, Reliant Medical, and Sieghart’s Outfitters. Sieghart’s Outfitters has some of the most stock of resources available in the game. Speak to Sieghart In Neon Core in the Volii System, ask to trade, and the Microsecond Regulators will be in stock for 212 credits.

Apex Electronics

Another reliable source for the Microsecond Regulator is the Apex Electronics store in The Well on New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system. However, players must complete a task for the vendor before he’ll do business with the player’s character. The player must collect a package from The Red Mile gambling den on Porrima III in the Porima System. Once the side quest has been completed, he will do business, and the Microsend Regulators will sell for 212 credits.

Starfield - Apex Electronics in The Well on New Atlantis

Those are the most reliable stores to purchase the Microsend Regulator in Starfield. Other methods include unlocking Special Projects Skill In the Science tab to craft them. However, this requires a lot of leveling and skill point allocation. So routinely checking the stores for new stock is the best method to obtain the resource.

Starfield is available now for the PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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