• Actress Amber Heard reportedly did not give permission to Elon Musk to post a photo of her dressed as the Overwatch character Mercy, causing controversy.
  • Elon Musk’s request for Heard to dress as Mercy originally came on the set of Aquaman was revealed in Walter Isaacson’s biography about Musk.
  • Voice actress Lucie Pohl, who plays Mercy in Overwatch, playfully critiqued Heard’s portrayal and compared it to spotting manufacturing defects in a Tesla vehicle.

In a recent development, it has come to light that actress Amber Heard did not grant permission to tech magnate Elon Musk for the posting of a photograph depicting her as the Overwatch character Mercy. Despite Elon Musk’s penchant for making headlines with audacious space ventures and candid social media commentary, this recent controversy has linked him to the world of gaming in an unexpected way.

For those who may not be aware, the biography “Elon Musk,” authored by Walter Isaacson and released on September 11th, offers a comprehensive exploration of Musk’s multifaceted life. Throughout the book’s pages, readers are granted an intimate glimpse into Musk’s world, including a rather unconventional chapter in his romantic history. According to the book, during his relationship with actress Amber Heard, Elon Musk made an unusual request that has now garnered attention. Reportedly, Musk asked Heard to don the attire of Mercy, a character from the immensely popular video game series Overwatch.

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This peculiar request allegedly occurred on the set of the DC movie Aquaman, where Heard played a significant supporting role. Later, Musk posted on the social platform X that Heard indeed dressed up as Mercy, and he found it awesome. Alongside this statement, he posted an image of Amber Heard attired as Mercy. It’s noteworthy that Elon boasts a staggering following of over 156 million on X, and as of this moment, the image has garnered a staggering 20 million views. However, it has come to light, as reported by Page Six, that Amber Heard did not grant permission for Elon to share this photo, which was originally intended to remain “private.”

Mercy, Overwatch‘s popular support character, stands out not just for her aesthetic allure but also as a staunch peace advocate and ingenious scientist. Recognized for her skills in healing and empowering her teammates, she’s an iconic figure among the Overwatch community. While some might find Musk’s affinity for the character surprising, his enthusiasm for Overwatch has long been public knowledge, having praised the game multiple times.

Adding an intriguing twist to this narrative, Lucie Pohl, the voice actress behind the character Mercy in Overwatch, recently joined the conversation. Pohl playfully critiqued Heard’s portrayal of Mercy and drew a humorous analogy to Musk’s Tesla company, suggesting that, as the real Mercy, she could spot “manufacturing defects” in this cosplay akin to scrutinizing a Tesla vehicle. When challenged by social media users to showcase her own Mercy cosplay, Pohl unveiled that she had already donned the character’s attire.

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