Akin to other Soulslike, Lies of P will punish players for dying. Whether it’s via combat, status effects, or fall damage, players that perish will see their valuable Ergo currency vanish right before their eyes. Ergo is vitally important to growing stronger in the world of Krat, as it’s not only used to increase attributes but is also used to purchase items and upgrade weapons. Ergo is the lifeblood of Lies of P and players will want to be sure to keep their acquired haul safe at all costs.

Thankfully though, developers weren’t too harsh when crafting the mechanics in Lies of P. Although players will drop all of their Ergo when they die, it is entirely possible to regain it. In fact, it’s even possible to keep it safe or reduce the amount lost if players do happen to perish. Here’s all players need to know about losing Ergo and how to recover it in Lies of P.

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Can You Recover Lost Ergo In Lies Of P?

Lies Of P Recover Death Ergo

It’s entirely possible to recover lost Ergo in Lies of P if players can manage to make it back to the last spot they died. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially if players managed to fall in a place far from a Stargazer. This is because enemies will respawn in Lies of P, meaning the path to the lost Ergo will once again be filled with mobs. Players won’t have to worry about this when it comes to major bosses as the lost Ergo will be placed outside of the boss arena itself.

Lost Ergo is denoted by a large blue beam of light and recovering it is as simple as walking up to it and interacting with it. It’s important to note that players will receive a penalty to the recoverable Ergo if they take too many hits from enemies while trying to recover it.

What Happens If Players Die Before Recovering Lost Ergo?

If players manage to perish again before getting their hands on the Ergo they lost, a new pile of lost Ergo will appear where they died, but a further penalty will be added, taking away some of the Ergo making the recoverable amount a fraction of what it was. Because of this, players will want to be sure to be careful when trying to recover lost Ergo.

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How To Keep Ergo Safe In Lies Of P

There are some ways for players to protect their Ergo if they are concerned that they are going to die in a specific area far from a Stargazer. For one, players can use items like Gemini’s Emergency Protection and Gemini’s Iron Protection to keep their Ergo safe, even if they are hit or perish. They can also use their Quartz when upgrading the P-Organ to prevent Ergo loss upon death. These particular buffs are found in the Item Type tree of the P-Organ when slotting a Quartz on a node.

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Lies of P

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