• The Below Deck crew usually receives a generous tip of around $1,500 per charter, making it a significant part of their expected salary.
  • While most guests on the show are generous with their tips, there was one instance where the crew received no tip at all.
  • In their very first charter back in 2013, the crew had to report illegal drug use by the guests, resulting in their removal from the yacht and no tip. However, Captain Lee prioritized following maritime law over the potential tip.

The Below Deck crew usually received a large tip from guests aboard the yacht, but one time, they got nothing. The show’s cast members work extremely hard to earn tips, and each crew member usually receives a tip of roughly $1,500 per charter. Therefore, tips are a huge part of the crew’s expected salary.

The nautical-themed show Below Deck is one of Bravo’s biggest crowd-pleasers, as it’s entertaining to watch behind-the-scenes drama on an upscale yacht. There’s a Downton-Abbey-style “upstairs-downstairs” drama of romances, demanding guests, and angry chefs. While the show’s guests are generally generous, one primary guest had issues and refused to give the Below Deck crew a single cent.

Does The Below Deck Crew Often Get No Tip?

Below Deck star Captain Lee

The Below Deck crew works hard for good tips, but it’s inconsistent. Sometimes, a charter guest will lowball them a bit. At other times, they get huge wads of cash. However, there’s usually at least something, but there was curiosity regarding whether any guests had ever neglected to tip. Cheat Sheet checked whether the crew had ever been stiffed after a charter, and the answer was “Yes.”

Which Guests Didn’t Tip On Below Deck?

Below Deck Captain Lee

It was the crew’s very first charter back in 2013. The guests were a group of photographers trying to produce a photo shoot. Sadly, the guest and his group enjoyed the party life a bit too much since Kat Held, the second stew, found white powder and a rolled dollar bill while cleaning the cabins. By maritime law, she had to report it to seasoned yachtie Captain Lee or risk losing everyone’s credentials. At the time, Kat told the cameras, “A lot of us put years and years into getting our licenses. The smidgen of anything illegal will take that away from all of us.”

During the evening, instead of sailing to the next port, Captain Lee took the guests back to the dock and kicked them off. As one would expect, the guests were livid and left the boat without looking back… or leaving a tip. Most crew members deal with just about anything for the tips at the end of the charter, but Captain Lee had to act. These tips can allow crew members to take a break from work.

While reporting the primary guest for alleged drug use was the right thing to do, it wasn’t easy. However, Captain Lee made it clear he didn’t want to get boarded by the Coast Guard and spend 25 years in jail just for a tip. This type of rational thinking has led to many seasons, including the upcoming Below Deck season 11. Luckily, the Below Deck crew makes plenty of money on most charters.

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