• Kenneth Branagh made $2.5 million for Death on the Nile and A Haunting in Venice, totaling $5 million for both films.
  • Despite the success of Murder on the Orient Express, Branagh’s salary for that film was never revealed, but it’s possible he was paid $2.5 million or less.
  • Kenneth Branagh’s current net worth is approximately $60 million, which is on par with Helena Bonham Carter, but not as high as actors like Tom Cruise.

Kenneth Branagh has directed and starred in three Hercule Poirot movies, but how much has he been paid to do the franchise? The director has played the Belgian detective from Agatha Christie’s mystery novels since 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, which was followed by Death on the Nile, and this year’s A Haunting in Venice, which is loosely based on Christie’s Hallowe’en Party. Branagh pulls double duty for the films, which have star-studded ensemble casts that drive up the film’s overall costs.

Branagh’s filmography is quite diverse. The actor-director has adapted the works of William Shakespeare, starred as a bumbling, deceiving professor in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and returned to his birth country for the Oscar-winning Belfast. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of Branagh’s film career. Portraying Hercule Poirot has taken up a considerable amount of time and effort. Murder on the Orient Express cost $55 million to make and grossed $352.8 million; Death on the Nile cost approximately $90 million, but only made $137.3 million; and A Haunting in Venice cost $60-70 million. But how much was Branagh paid to do all three films?

Kenneth Branagh Made $7.5 Million For The Hercule Poirot Movies

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Branagh made $2.5 million for Death on the Nile (via Showbiz Galore), and A Haunting in Venice (via Flick on Click), for a total of $5 million for both films. While Branagh’s salary for Murder on the Orient Express was never revealed, it’s possible he was also paid $2.5 million or less, especially considering it was the first installment in the franchise, and salaries tend to increase for each sequel. Here’s a breakdown of Branagh’s pay for each of his Hercule Poirot movies:

  • Murder on the Orient Express – $2.5 million or less
  • Death on the Nile – $2.5 million
  • A Haunting in Venice – $2.5 million

Branagh didn’t receive a pay increase for A Haunting in Venice, though that could be due to a number of reasons, including Death on the Nile not doing well at the box office, which led to a decreased production budget for the third installment. It’s also possible Branagh will receive a percentage of A Haunting in Venice’s box office gross, just as Denzel Washington received backend pay for The Equalizer 3. This compensation setup was likely the case for Murder on the Orient Express, which did really well during its theatrical run, though it isn’t entirely clear what the percentage was or might be for A Haunting in Venice.

What Kenneth Branagh’s Current Net Worth Is

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Kenneth Branagh may have dedicated the last few years of his life to playing Hercule Poirot, but the actor-director has had a long film career that has spanned decades. Branagh’s total net worth today is approximately $60 million (via Celebrity Net Worth). This isn’t as high as some other actors — Tom Cruise has a net worth of $600 million, while Martin Scorsese has a net worth of $200 million. Branagh’s net worth is more in line with Helena Bonham Carter, whose net worth is also $60 million. If Branagh makes another Hercule Poirot film, his net worth is likely to increase, but it won’t be a game-changer to his finances.

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