Similar to any previous Souls-Like game, Lies of P will surely provide the correct amount of excitement, confusion, and frustration while exploring the areas. Defeating hard bosses is definitely challenging, which is why players should learn how to exit the game safely to not lose any progress.

The process of exiting Lies of P is very simple and not time-consuming at all and can be done with a quick press of a button. The location and timing in which players stop it is crucial to know before closing the game, so keep that in mind.

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How To Exit Lies Of P Properly

how to open settings in lies of p

To exit Lies of P properly, simply open the main menu by pressing the Menu button on the Xbox Controller or the Esc on the keyboard. Next, choose the Settings option, which is the last one, and then head to the Exit category by pressing the LB and RB buttons. Use the mouse on the PC to hover over the option.

how to exit lies of p properly

In this category, there are two options; Title Screen or Close Game. The first is exactly as it sounds, so upon choosing it, players will move to the Title Screen where they can explore more settings or exit the game completely by pressing the Close Game button. The second option is similar to the first with the only difference being that Lies of P closes and players aren’t moved to the Title Screen.

lies of p save warning

Additionally, a warning will appear which tells players the following sentence “Your progress will be saved and you will be returned to the Title Screen. Do you wish to continue?” This is one method of saving that people can use to control where and when the save occurs. That’s because Lies of P uses an auto-saving feature that triggers once players defeat a necessary enemy like bosses, choose an important decision by either lying or telling the truth, and many more scenarios.

exit lies of p in a safe area

To take extra precautions, try not to use the Close Game option that much since returning to the Title Screen and then quitting the game is much safer to ensure that no progress is lost, especially after many tries of killing a single boss in Lies of P. However, if by any chance players are forced to close the game quickly, there’s no problem in picking the faster option as the saving process will still occur.

If players are playing at their leisure, try to choose a safe location before quitting the game as it’s safer. So for example, quitting Lies of P inside Hotel Krat or near a Stargazer is much safer than in the middle of a battlefield even if the enemies are killed.

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Lies of P

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September 19, 2023

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