Pokemon GO offers multiple Shiny Pokemon to catch, but encountering one is challenging. Talking about Oddish, its Shiny variant has been available for a while, and events like the Oddish Research Day increase its spawn rate even more. Participants of such events can quickly get their hands on a Shiny Oddish and its Shiny evolutions.

Shiny Oddish, Shiny Gloom, and Shiny Vileplume share the same typing of dual Grass and Poison. In contrast, Shiny Bellossom has only one typing of Grass attribute. Since all of them are evolutions of Shiny Oddish, their power level increases as they evolve. Shiny Oddish has a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 1389, which increases to 1900 for Shiny Gloom, 2893 for Shiny Vileplume, and 2578 for Shiny Bellossom. That said, this guide details everything one needs to know about getting Shiny Oddish, Shiny Gloom, Shiny Vileplume, and Shiny Bellossom.

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Pokemon GO: How to get Shiny Oddish

Pokemon GO Shiny Oddish

The Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day offers multiple opportunities to get Shiny Oddish and Shiny variants of its evolutions. Players can encounter Shiny Oddish as a wild spawn, and various Research tasks also offer Shiny Oddish encounters. Although players can get a Shiny Oddish, the encounter isn’t guaranteed.

One must encounter multiple Oddish to catch up to its Shiny spawn rate. The spawn rate of a wild monster such as Oddish can increase even further in featured events. Event-featured monsters experience a boost in their spawn rates, which can be boosted further using different Pokemon GO elements.

Wild Encounters: Shiny Oddish

There are multiple wild monsters featured in the Oddish Research Day event. One of these Pokemon GO wild spawns is the dual Grass and Poison-type Oddish. Encountering multiple wild Oddish might help players catch up to its Shiny spawn rate. The Oddish Research Day boosted spawn rate allows players to encounter and catch numerous Oddish, but the spawn rate can increase even further.

Pokemon GO items like Incense, Lure Module, and Weather Boost can significantly increase the monster spawn rate. Oddish experiences a spawn rate increase during sunny and cloudy weather conditions. One can hunt for the monster in PokeStops and Gyms with such weather conditions, attach a Lure Module, use an Incense, and traverse around that place. This strategy stacks the effects of all these in-game elements and notably increases the Oddish spawn rate.

Research Tasks: Shiny Oddish

The Oddish Research Day’s Field Research Tasks present a chance to catch a Shiny Oddish. Pokemon GO players can complete several tasks and get numerous opportunities to encounter an Oddish. One needs to encounter multiple Oddish to be able to face a Shiny variant. But, even if players complete all tasks, encountering a Shiny Oddish is not guaranteed.

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How to get Shiny Gloom, Shiny Vileplume, and Shiny Bellossom in Pokemon GO

Shiny Gloom, Shiny Vileplume, and Shiny Bellossom in Pokemon GO

Players with Shiny Oddish can quickly get their hands on Shiny Gloom, Shiny Vileplume, and Shiny Bellossom; one needs to evolve their Shiny Oddish. Evolving a Shiny Oddish into a Shiny Gloom requires 25 Pokemon GO Candy.

Shiny Gloom can evolve into two variations: Shiny Vileplume and Shiny Bellossom. Evolving a Shiny Gloom into a Shiny Vileplume costs 100 Candy, but evolving a Shiny Gloom into a Shiny Bellossom is a bit more challenging. Players need a Sun Stone and 100 Candy to evolve their Shiny Gloom into a Shiny Bellossom. It might be hard, but there are multiple ways to get a Pokemon GO Sun Stone.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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