There are many ways for players to grow stronger in Lies of P. By collecting Ergo and Moonstones, players can upgrade their weapons. Ergo can also be used to increase a player’s attributes, giving them better bonuses to the weapons of their choice and increasing their defense, health, and stamina. Players will also gain access to Gold Coin Fruits, which can help them buff their Specter helpers during boss battles and some items will increase resistances and defenses. But one of the best ways to increase strength and ability in Lies of P is through the P-Organ.

This special device is unveiled to players once they save Geppetto and, using a special currency called Quartz, will allow them to upgrade and unlock some of Pinocchio’s latent abilities. But the P-Organ and how upgrades work can be a little bit confusing and overwhelming the first time players see it. Here’s exactly how P-Organ upgrades work in Lies of P.

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How To Unlock P-Organ Nodes In Lies Of P

Lies Of P P Organ Upgrades

When players first gain access to the P-Organ, they will see what looks like a web of nodes with interconnected lines spread throughout them. The first four nodes are available to see but the rest of them are obscured and have question mark icons on them. Players will take note that each node has a different unlockable associated with it and each node will also have black empty slots (the first nodes have two empty slots each). These empty slots signify how much Quartz is required to unlock the node and receive the associated skill or upgrade.

What may throw some players for a loop is what happens when they attempt to slot a Quartz within a node. Once they do so, a new menu will pop up and players must choose from an array of buffs. These buffs fall into multiple categories and will help change the way that players approach battle. Players can choose from four separate categories of buffs, but it’s important to note that players cannot slot more than one buff of the same type into a single node. That means that players cannot choose two Attack-style buffs and put them on the same node when unlocking something. Instead, they will need to mix and match from all four categories.

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To clarify, players can’t stack two attack buffs onto the same node, but they CAN choose another attack buff when activating another node, even if it’s part of the same cluster. This incentivizes players to mix and match attack, defense, item use, and more as they build their P-Organ. To unlock a new cluster of nodes, and see what is underneath the checkmarks on them, players will need to activate a certain amount of nodes within a cluster. For the first set, players must activate two nodes completely, each taking two total Quartz to activate. This means players will need four Quartz to see the next cluster and move further down the tree.

What Are The Different P-Organ Buffs In Lies Of P?

Here’s a look at the different P-Organ buff categories in Lies of P and what is commonly associated with them:

  • Attack Type – Contains buffs that affect things like enemy stagger window, Fable Arts power, heavy attack power, and more damaging moves.
  • Survival Type – Contains buffs that will help players better defend themselves, increase their guard recovery, increase Pulse Cells, resistances, and more.
  • Ability Type – Contains buffs that help players regain Legion Arm resource, reduce stamina consumption, better weapon durability, and more.
  • Item Type – Contains buffs that affect items like consumable amounts, throwable amounts, lowers shop prices, and more.

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