Lies of P features some fantastic level design in spots, with players snaking their way through many enemies and mini-bosses to open shortcuts and other paths. These shortcuts are invaluable as each time a player uses a Stargazer they will be forced to deal with hordes of enemies all over again and activating these safe spots will revive all baddies in the area. Because of this, it’s important that players get used to the movement in Lies of P, as they may find themselves having to race around enemies or jump to specific platforms in order to open new paths. Developers also did a good job hiding items and weapons in areas, some of which players must jump, to access.

Unfortunately, jumping in Lies of P is easier said than done, as P doesn’t exactly have the best mobility at times, especially when players are encumbered with gear and weapons. Although Lies of P does let players know how to jump during one of its pop-up tutorials, it’s easy to miss and shows up a bit later during the opening areas of the game.

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How To Jump In Lies Of P

Lies Of P How To Jump

In order to Jump in Lies of P, players must first be sprinting. Jumping is not possible if players are not actively sprinting, so it’s not exactly possible to jump in place without some fancy maneuvering. To sprint, players can hold down the Circle (On PlayStation) or B-button (on Xbox). While sprinting, if players click the left thumbstick (on both PlayStation and Xbox), they will leap into the air in whatever direction they are sprinting. It’s important to note that sprinting will consume Stamina and if players run out of Stamina they will be unable to sprint until the bar refills.

Jumping is definitely not “fluid” in the release, either, as players will be using their momentum from the sprint when they jump forward. The mechanic can feel very stiff and it can be difficult for players to piece together exactly where they will land when performing a jump. It takes a bit of practice to get used to jumping in Lies of P, so players will want to spend some time hopping around before they make any major jumps.

It’s possible for P to perish from taking too much fall damage and developers were tricky in adding some ledges and jump spots that require some tricky positioning to land on.

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Lies of P

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One

September 19, 2023

Round8 Studio, Neowiz

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