Sprinting can be incredibly valuable in Lies of P, especially when players are contending with larger bosses. Here’s how to do it.

Combat in Lies of P can be unforgiving, especially as players are just starting out. After the initial cutscene when starting a new game, players are thrust into a dark and grimy world where they must defend themselves against rampaging robotics known as Puppets. Combat can feel a bit stiff, especially at the start, with players learning the mechanics and being introduced to the block and dodge systems.

While dodging and blocking make up the core of Lies of P‘s combat, players will also want to know how to Sprint. Not only can sprinting be helpful in getting back to specific areas or slipping past certain enemies, but it can also be an invaluable tool in some boss fights. Some of the bosses in Lies of P use large AOE-style attacks and have immense reach. Players will want to know how to quickly and effectively escape these attacks to keep themselves from falling in battle.

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How To Sprint In Lies Of P

Lies Of P Sprint

Players can Sprint in Lies of P by holding down the Dodge button (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox). Simply tapping the button will prompt a dodge, but holding it down and moving in a specific direction will start a Sprint. It’s important to note that the sprint is not immediate and, depending on a player’s build and stamina, can take a split second or two to actually get going. This means players will need to account for the time it takes to begin sprinting if they’re planning to use it to escape combat. Sprint can be especially useful for putting space between players and the boss, or to avoid ranged attacks from enemies. It can also be used to close distance on an enemy to get in a quick attack.

Players can also jump while sprinting by clicking the right thumbstick (PlayStation and Xbox) or tapping xxx on PC. Certain weapons also benefit from sprinting, like the Greatsword, which will perform a leaping overhead attack when players use the Heavy Attack while running. It’s also important to keep an eye on the Stamina meter as it rapidly depletes when running. If the Stamina meter is empty, players will not be able to sprint (although this can be mitigated with certain items).

Sprinting is an invaluable tool that players should be sure to experiment with, especially in combat, as it can be immensely helpful in avoiding certain attacks from normal enemies and bosses alike.

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