The combat in Lies of P can be downright unforgiving at times. Some of the enemies that players will come up against are fast, furious, and hit incredibly hard. Even worse, they can rattle off combos that will stun unaware players, bringing them to their knees if they aren’t careful. Because of this, some fights require players to be methodical in their damage, waiting to strike at opportune moments and eventually causing the enemy to Stagger.

Once an enemy is Staggered in Lies of P, players can attack them from a specific spot to do massive damage to them. Unfortunately, Staggering some enemies is much easier said than done, especially some of the larger foes like bosses. Here’s a rundown on how to Stagger enemies in Lies of P.

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How To Stagger Enemies In Lies Of P

Lies Of P Enemy White Stagger Bar

There are two ways to increase an enemy’s stagger bar in Lies of P. The first way is by Perfect Blocking. In order to Perfect Block, players will need to hit the Block Button right before an enemy attack connects. If done correctly, a sound and a bright red light will flash. Players will also take zero chip damage if they Perfect Block correctly. By perfectly blocking enough enemy attacks, eventually, the enemy will become staggerable. Players can also put an enemy into Stagger by doing enough damage to them in a short period of time, especially when using Charged Heavy Attacks.

Players will know an enemy is staggerable once they see the outline of their health bar begin to glow white. Once the bar is glowing, if players manage to land a fully Charged Heavy Attack on the enemy they will enter a staggered state. In this state, players can walk up to them and use a light attack to begin a heavy damage combo. It’s important to note that Staggered bosses will have a specific spot that players must stand in, denoted by a glowing red circle on the ground near the boss.

If players fail to land a fully Charged Heavy Attack on a staggerable enemy quickly enough, eventually their health bar will return to normal, and they will no longer be able to be staggered from a Charged Heavy Attack. They can only be Staggered when the bar is glowing white.

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How To Increase Stagger In Lies Of P

Lies Of P Enemy Staggered

Players can increase the amount of time that an enemy stays in a staggerable state by using Quartz and upgrading the P-Core via the chair in Geppetto’s room in Hotel Krat. As players begin to find Quartz and upgrade their P-Core, they will have access to certain options that will make it easier to build an enemy’s Stagger meter, as well as upgrades that will cause the bar to glow white for a longer period of time, giving players a better window to land a fully Charged Heavy Attack. Here’s a look at all the options available that affect the Stagger meter.

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