Honkai Impact 3rd’s first-ever Sirin battlesuit has arrived after years of her not being playable, and since she is a day-one addition to Elysian Realm, she brings some new opportunities to earn crystals. This guide is going to be focused on a build that primarily utilizes Miracle Magical Girl’s charged attacks, and will specifically be covering the Elysian Realm game mode.

For players looking for an overall Miracle Magical Girl guide or need to know what weapons and stigmata to equip before entering Elysian Realm, click here for a dedicated guide to the battlesuit.

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hi3rd sirin elysian realm run

In order to begin an Elysian Realm run with Miracle Magical Girl Sirin, players are going to want to equip Mad King’s Mask as their general remembrance sigil, which will make signets of decimation (Kalpas) appear much more often. The supporting remembrance sigil that players are going to want to equip is An Old Pal’s Legacy, which will increase HP and automatically level up selected signets of decimation (Kalpas).

For supporting utility characters, players will want to bring Azure Empyrea and Vermillion Knight: Eclipse. If players want a more offensive loadout for their run, Vermillion Knight: Eclipse can be swapped for Blood Rose.

At the very first shop that players come across in their run, Mad King’s Mask should be swapped to Pseudo Miracle in order to begin focusing on signets of Helix (Vill-V). Pseudo Miracle will make Helix signets appear more often. Upon reaching the final shop right before the run, Pseudo Miracle should be swapped to Key to the Deep and An Old Pal’s Legacy should be swapped to Dreamful Gold. This final loadout will increase Sirin’s HP, SP, and give players the ability to cause HP loss to the boss with their support skill.

The table below goes over which signets players should seek out when doing an Elysian Realm run with Miracle Magical Girl. The bolded signets are the nexus options that should be chosen for this build, and the signet types are listed in order of importance, with those near the bottom being mostly optional or situational.

Signets of Ego (Elysia)

Blessing of Resplendence / Blessing of Inner Blaze / Blessing of Stellar Breach

Signets of Decimation (Kalpas)

Blade, Grave, and Scar / Bone, Blood, and Ribbon / Path, Misfortune, and Written Fate / Soldiers, Scissors, Spoils, and Slaughter / Homeland and Friends / Death, Life, Oblivion, and Existence

Signets of Helix (Vill-V)

Act II: Pendulum / Act III: Conflict / Act V: Spider Web / Intermezzo: Holistic Helix

Signets of Sakura (Yae)

Bountiful Blossom: Koyo / Bountiful Blossom: Botan / Bountiful Blossom: Fuji / Setsuna Blade: Sakura ni Maku

Signets of Reverie (Pardofelis)

Motto of Meow / Back-Curled Tail / Neighborhood Chatters / Empty Dreams, Self, Set, and Joy

Signets of Gold (Eden)

Recitatif of Eden / Recitatif of Creeks / Recitatif of Fine Jade / Aria of Gold

Honkai Impact 3rd is now out on Mobile and PC.

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