• A Pokemon fan created terrifying fan art of Drifblim, featuring the Pokemon carrying a bunch of sentient skeletons.
  • The spooky vibe of the artwork was widely commended by Pokemon fans, especially with Halloween approaching.
  • The fan art captured Drifblim’s Ghost qualities and some fans suggested that this could be what Drifblim would look like in the real world.

A Pokemon fan created a terrifying version of Drifblim. Known as the Blimp Pokemon, Drifblim is a Gen 4 Ghost and Flying-type Pokemon that distinctly looks like a hot air balloon as it floats around its surroundings.

Drifblim has a round purple body with a puffy white cloud on its head, three arms hanging from its body, and a yellow X as its mouth. It’s appeared in many Pokemon games starting with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with the latest being Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where players could battle it at Ryme’s Ghost Gym. It was also a featured Pokemon in a Tera Raid Battle, along with Mismagius.

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Just like many Pokemon, Drifblim has also received love from fans through various artwork. In the past, one Pokemon fan created a Chinese lantern that looked like the Blimp Pokemon. Recently, Reddit user Moody-Manticore shared their own Drifblim fan art, which was a terrifying version where it’s carrying a bunch of sentient skeletons. The Pokemon still had its signature purple balloon-like body, but its eyes were glowing red and the cloud was replaced with dead carcasses. There were also skeletons hanging from its arms, along with bloody hand prints from the ones that fell off while it floated up to the sky. The artwork seemed to imply that Drifblim either murdered people or exhumed graves to carry the skeletons around. Over on the side, there’s a woman watching with a Drifloon, which is the unevolved form of Drifblim.

In the comments, many Pokemon fans commended the spooky vibe of Moody-Manticore’s Drifblim, noting that it was perfect for the upcoming Halloween season in October. They also said that the artist managed to capture the Pokemon’s Ghost qualities, with one saying that this could be what Drifblim would look like in the real world.

In the past, Pokemon fans reimagined various characters in terrifying designs. For example, one fused together Hydreigon and Grimmsnarl to create a nightmarish monstrosity. These days, many people have also been using the fan game Pokemon Infinite Fusion to create bizarre and hilarious-looking creatures.

While a lot of Pokemon may look cute and harmless, many have agreed that some Pokemon could easily kill humans if they’re threatened. Fortunately, the Pokemon world is relatively wholesome as players spend hours exploring and capturing monsters they like to prepare for various gym battles. Or, in the case of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Tera Raids.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch. The Teal Mask DLC is also available now.

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