Warning! Spoilers for Ultimate Invasion #3 ahead!With the dawn of a new Ultimate Universe has come a new Reed Richards, but this version of the Fantastic Four‘s leader has a shocking twist. Taking the mantle of this universe’s Doctor Doom (for now), this Reed is trapped by every Reed Richards’ greatest foe: himself. As this new Ultimate Universe is remade by forces beyond its heroes’ control, the fate of multiple Reed Richards hang in the balance.

Fans get their first glimpse of the new Doctor Doom in Ultimate Invasion #3, written by Jonathan Hickman, penciled by Bryan Hitch, inked by Andrew Currie, colored by Alex Sinclair and lettered by Joe Caramagna. In this issue it’s revealed that the Reed Richards of Earth-6160 has become this Earth’s Doctor Doom after being imprisoned by his Earth-1610 counterpart, the Maker. While he’s not explicitly called anything other than “Reed Richards” in the story, Marvel’s solicit for Ultimate Invasion #3 confirms that this Reed goes by Doctor Doom, also calling him the “anti-Maker.”

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The Maker is Living up to his Name in Ultimate Invasion

Ultimate Invasion Reed Richards

Ultimate Invasion Doctor Doom

Ultimate Invasion is the story of the Maker’s attempt to remake Earth-6160 in his own image, a new Ultimate Universe. As part of his control of Earth-6160, the Maker has used time travel to neutralize most of this world’s superheroes before their creation. However, he’s kept this world’s Reed Richards imprisoned inside his base, the City, toiling away while forced to wear a version of Doctor Doom’s mask. One reason for this is practicality. Ultimate Invasion #2 by Hickman, Hitch, Currie, Sinclair and Caramagna reveals that the Maker has brain damage, forcing him to rely on others, including Reed and Howard Stark, to build his Immortus Engine.

The Maker’s Imprisoning of Reed is Petty and Vindictive


The other reason he keeps Reed imprisoned is because of ego and spite. In Ultimate Invasion #1 by the same team, the Maker asks mainstream Earth-616’s Reed Richards whether he would stop the Maker from ever existing if given the chance. Earth-616 Reed admits that he would, and it looks like the capture and humiliation of this new Reed is the Maker’s response. This new Reed doesn’t even know what Doctor Doom’s mask symbolizes to mainstream Reed, he’s just another victim of the Maker’s petty vendetta. He might not be the one wearing the mask, but the Maker has become the Doctor Doom in this relationship, obsessing over Reed Richards.

This revenge might be the thing that dooms the Maker in the end. The solicit for Ultimate Invasion #3 hints that Earth-6160’s Reed has a secret plan, saying, “DOCTOR DOOM – the Anti-Maker – prepares his own plans to deal with this evil Reed Richards…” With only one issue left of the series before Earth-6160 becomes the new Ultimate Universe for good, the combined might of Reed and Howard Stark might just turn the Maker’s machines back on him. What the Maker, Reed Richards and a possible version of this world’s Fantastic Four might look like in the aftermath of the series however still remains a mystery.

Ultimate Invasion #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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