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While exploring the restricted and quarantined area in Lies of P, players will encounter a Weeping Woman. Approaching her will result in triggering her Quest where she asks the Protagonists to retrieve something special.

It’s possible for the Quest to take some time in Lies of P since the item can be found in an easily missed location, so here’s all the necessary information to complete the Weeping Woman Side Quest in Lies of P and the baby puppet’s location.

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Where To Find The Weeping Woman In Lies Of P

how to reach weeping woman in lies of p

The Weeping Woman can be found in the Elysion Boulevard. To reach it, teleport to Inside the House of Elysion Boulevard Stargazer in Lies of P and get out of the room near the Merchant. Head right to find two Puppets: one holding a firearm and the other is hiding to ambush players with a heavy weapon. Deal with the enemies and climb the slope to the roof.

weeping woman location in lies of p

Defeat yet another Puppet and go left around the small building. At the end of the roof, there’s a brick roof that can be used to reach the other side. Sprint to the room to the left to read the following sentence on a broken door “Warning! Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone. No Trespassers. Everyone is a patient or a lunatic. Do not speak to them.” So, prepare to hear a lot of coughing, wailing, and giggling while exploring the area.

how to trigger weeping woman quest in lies of p

Proceed ahead to find a square area and a silhouette of a woman on a window found on the right side near a wooden platform. Jump down and approach the window to speak with Weeping Woman and accept the Quest of finding her lost baby.

Baby Puppet Location In Lies Of P

Although the Weeping Woman reveals the location of her baby, which is Krat City Hall, it’s not exactly a recognizable or familiar area.

defeat guard puppet in lies of p

From the distraught mother’s location, jump down the platform and deal with the Puppet Guard if desired to head outside.

alchemist bridge location in lies of p

Head right and open the giant gate to reach the Alchemist Bridge. There’s a mini-boss battle there that’s unavoidable. Defeat the boss in Lies of P and use the key given by Geppetto to reach Krat City Hall. After activating the Stargazer, head down the stairs and deal with the Puppets to explore freely.

broken baby puppet location in lies of p

Walk left to find another set of stairs guarded by more enemies. Go through the nearby arch and turn right to see a giant Puppet that’s smashing the floor next to an item, that’s the Broken Baby Puppet.

how to get broken baby puppet in lies of p

Here, players can either fight the enemy for extra Ergo then take the item, or simply grab the Baby and run away.

should you lie or tell the truth to the weeping woman in lies of p

Return to the Weeping Woman and give her the Baby, in which she asks if the baby is beautiful. Players can say she’s a cute baby (Lie) or say that’s a puppet (Truth). Either way, they are rewarded with a Vivid Ergo Fragment.

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Lies of P

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September 19, 2023

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