• Excitement grows as a new villain may be integrated into Disney Dreamlight Valley, as hinted by a fan’s discovery of the voice actor for Gaston being added to the talent list.
  • The developers have been consistently releasing new content for the early access community, with Belle and Beast being the latest additions, and the potential introduction of Gaston will give fans more reason to keep playing.
  • Fans on Reddit showed enthusiasm for Gaston’s potential inclusion, discussing where his home would be and how he would interact with other characters.

One Disney Dreamlight Valley fan has noticed a sneaky addition to the current list of the life sim’s voice actors, hinting that another villain may be integrated into the video game in the future. With Disney Dreamlight Valley getting the new Enchanted Adventure update recently, an addition to the roster of villains will definitely make a lot of fans excited about the game’s coming days.

The devs of Disney Dreamlight Valley have consistently been churning out new content for the community, even though the life sim is still in early access. The latest characters to join Disney Dreamlight Valley are Belle and Beast, from Disney’s classic animated film Beauty and the Beast, and it has only been a couple of days since they were implemented in-game. Now, if this particular fan’s find is true, there is more reason for the community to keep logging into Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially if they are big fans of this potential villain addition.

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On Reddit, user Pokewatch104 posted about something they discovered while browsing through Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s voice actor list on IMDB. According to their screenshot, Richard White, the voice actor in the Disney film for Gaston, the main antagonist, has been added to the talent list. Even though Belle and Beast were part of the Enchanted Adventure update, Gaston was not included. This could mean that the development team will be integrating the villainous character into Disney Dreamlight Valley soon. However, until official news is announced, fans should still be cautious about the findings.

Nevertheless, comments on the Reddit thread seem to show enthusiasm and excitement about having Gaston be one of the villain characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some have already gone so far as to think about where they would place the character’s home and how they would interact with other narcissistic NPCs like Tangled‘s Mother Gothel. Others also discussed the voice actor issue, wondering why Disney was not able to get the original voice actress for Belle but was able to do so for Beast and Gaston. Talks about women’s voices changing over time, budget constraints, and more were some of the fan theories about the topic.

There are already a handful of villains in the life sim, and adding one more probably would not hurt the player base’s love for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Hopefully the listing is accurate and actually comes true as many fans would definitely love to see Beauty and the Beast‘s big baddie come to life in the video game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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