• Pokemon fan creates new version of Squirtle, turning it into a Ground/Poison-type with a broken shell and tar-like features.
  • ProfAlmond’s alternate element starter Pokemon fan art receives positive feedback from the community, with many expressing interest in more.
  • The artist plans to continue creating alternate element fan art, potentially including evolved forms of the starters and Pokemon from other generations.

A Pokemon fan has decided to turn the Gen 1’s Water-type starter Squirtle into a Ground/Poison-type instead. One of the most popular Water-type Pokemon in the franchise, the fan art gives Squirtle a complete makeover, showcasing what the pocket creature’s visuals would look like if its affinities were closely connected to the Ground and Poison elements.

Being the player’s companion from the very beginning of each game, starter Pokemon from every generation are some of the most beloved and well-known pocket creatures in the franchise. This is probably why there is so much fan content being made about them, and many fans seem to express their love by making original design concepts featuring their favorite starters. This particular fan thought it would be fun to make alternate versions of the Kanto region starter Pokemon, changing the elements of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and most recently, Squirtle.

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Completing their fan art trifecta of alternate forms for Gen 1 starter Pokemon, Redditor and fan artist ProfAlmond posted a photo of their design concept for a Ground/Poison-type Squirtle. The pocket creature retains the original Squirtle’s body shape and form, but its coloring and features have been completely changed to match with its new elements. Naming the concept “Dirt-le the dirty Pokemon,” the pocket creature has a broken carapace, a purple color scheme all over its body, and what seems to be tar-like oil spills on its hands, feet, tail, and mouth.

Compared to their other pieces featuring Bulbasaur and Charmander, ProfAlmond’s Squirtle has a sad expression, inciting the pity of many fellow Pokemon fans in the forum. One commenter asked if the pocket creature was meant to be a Dark-type instead, since it had darker colorings, but the artist clarified that the Poison element is represented by the tar and the Ground element is seen in their broken shell. Overall, it seems the community loves ProfAlmond’s work, and is eager to see what they come up with next. Some have already been commenting about the next starter from another generation that they want to see with an alternative element type.

The artist’s replies to comments on the Reddit thread show that they are interested in making more of these alternate element Pokemon fan art, especially the evolved forms of the starters that they already created. With so many starter Pokemon across the different video game generations, the artist will definitely have a lot of inspiration and resource material to work with on their next project.

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