• João Franco’s attitude has improved since his time on Below Deck Mediterranean, and he has formed better relationships with his crewmates on Below Deck Down Under.
  • João and Domi Tiesi are in a romantic relationship, and they have worked together on a boat in the past.
  • João and Domi frequently share photos of their relationship on Instagram, showcasing their love and adventures together.

João Franco from Below Deck Down Under is reportedly in a relationship with Domi Tiesi. Season 2 of the popular reality TV series premiered in July 2023 and shocked viewers with drama and controversies. One of the most surprising moments came in episode 8 when João joined Captain Jason Chambers’ yacht as the bosun. The 33-year-old Zimbabwe native was previously part of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s crew. While he wasn’t a fan favorite then, he entered the new spin-off with a brand-new attitude and quickly won fans over.

João stood out as the perfect addition to the team. He no longer had his terrible mindset and seemed more cooperative than ever. João made amends with Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott, whom he didn’t treat well during their time on Below Deck Med. Similarly, the new bosun improved his relationship with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, who was angry with him for mistreating one of her friends. João even hooked up with Tzarina and impressed her with this new side of himself. Unfortunately, it seems the two likely didn’t work out.

Domi Is A Fellow Yachie

Soon after filming Below Deck Down Under, it seems Joãobegan seeing Domi. It’s uncertain if and when they became official, but their photos go back as far back as July 2022. Like João, Domi also has a career in yachting. She is a chef and has posted various posts showing her seaside lifestyle and adventures. In April 2023, Domi shared a picture of herself revealing her new job. She wrote, “new country, new job, new office based on land for the next 3 month[s].” João’s alleged girlfriend stated she would be “off to a sea” soon after her job.

She Worked With João Franco On A Boat

Domi has previously worked with João, and the two also seem to hold a great professional relationship. In August 2023, João posted a photo with Domi, showing how they work with each other. He captioned, “our guests asked for something fresh from the sea.” and showed how Domi helped him catch sea urchins. The picture showed them kissing passionately while working. The two seemed deeply in love and compatible. It’s unclear when Domi and João first worked together, but their photos on boats go as far back as November 2022.

Domi Has Several Photos With João Franco On Her Instagram

Below Deck Down Under's Joao Franco and Domi Tiesi

João loves to show his love for Domi on Instagram. He likes to post pictures with her and confidently express his feelings for her. Similarly, Domi also regularly posts pictures with her boyfriend. She saves all their memories on social media, like a diary. Domi posted one of her latest pictures with João in mid-September 2023. She captioned it “boat life” and seemed excited to spend time with him in Monaco. The Below Deck Down Under season 2 star and his new lady wore matching uniforms, with similar black and white color tones as New Zealand’s Cricket team jersey

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST.

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