The fantastic world of Stardew Valley offers a bundle of challenges and quests, which players must tackle regularly to forge stronger bonds with villagers. The game features only two types of quests: Story Quests and Help Wanted Quests. While story quests are generally received in the mailbox, help-wanted quests are posted on the bulletin board outside the general store.

One of the easiest and fun quests in Stardew Valley is the ‘Crop Research’ Quest. This quest triggers automatically on the 20th of summer in the first year. This guide will walk players through the steps of completing this quest in Stardew Valley.

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How to Complete the Crop Research Quest

 crop research quest stardew valley

Demetrius is an NPC in Stardew Valley who is conducting research that revolves around the need for a fresh melon. In this quest, he asks players to provide a Fresh Melon grown on their farm. However, there’s a twist. While it might initially seem like a simple task, melons take 12 days to grow, so players can only obtain one if they’ve already planted them on their farms. This means they’ll have to wait until the following summer to complete the quest.

The best way to complete this quest is to plan it carefully. As soon as summer arrives, they must visit Pierre’s and get their hands on melon seeds. Once planted, melons will be ready within 12 days, allowing players to collect and put them to their inventory. The final step is to deliver this freshly grown melon to Demetrius.

gifting melon to demetrius stardew valley

How to Find Demetrius

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It is recommended to keep track of the schedules of villagers, as most of the NPCs in Stardew Valley have different routines depending upon their lifestyle. Here’s how players can find Demetrius in Summer.

Routine For Rainy Day

7:50 AM

He can be found reading newspaper in his laboratory.

11:00 AM

Players can discover him diligently taking notes at the microscope.

3:00 AM

He can be found back behind the counter of the Carpenter’s Shop.

6:00 PM

He’s standing before the fridge in his kitchen.

7:20 PM

He’s stationed at the stove in his kitchen.

8:00 PM

Players can see him next to the bookshelf in his bedroom.

10:00 PM

He heads to bed for the night.

Usual Routine

7:50 AM

He starts the day at home, by the sink in his kitchen

11:00 AM

He heads to the fountain west of the Community Center.

7:00 PM

He returns home, standing before the fridge in his kitchen.

8:40 PM

He can be seen in front of the stove in his kitchen.

9:00 PM

He can be found near the bookshelf in his room.

10:30 PM

He wraps up the day by going to sleep.

Stardew Valley is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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