• A dedicated Diablo 4 player achieved the maximum level in all classes with seasonal characters, proving it can be done without using bots or paying money.
  • The player calculated that it takes approximately 40 to 50 hours of gameplay, spread over a few weeks, to reach level 100 with each character using specific strategies.
  • The game’s XP gain is a hot topic among players, and Blizzard recently boosted XP gains to help players progress faster.

A Diablo 4 player has reached the maximum level in all classes with seasonal characters. Like the other games in the series, Diablo 4 players create their character after choosing one of the five classes. Players then make the character stronger by getting new equipment and unlocking skills.

The most basic way to strengthen a character in Diablo 4 is by earning XP to level them up. Diablo 4 players defeat enemies and complete quests to earn XP, but there are more ways to get experience in the game. Once the character levels up, they will become stronger by increasing their health and Core Stats according to class. As this is one of the fundamental aspects of the game, the community is always looking for the best way to farm XP in Diablo 4. And one Diablo 4 player proved that it’s not impossible to hit the maximum level with all characters in a single season.

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Reddit user undrtaker reached max level in all Diablo 4 classes with seasonal characters. While grinding XP in Diablo 4 can be intimidating, the player reveals that they had this goal and “went for it.” They also say it’s possible to reach level 100 without using bots or paying money. To do this, the player shared a calculation of playing 40 to 50 hours, the equivalent of three hours a day for two weeks. The player’s math suggests playing three hours to reach level 50, and two hours with a friend boosting to go from level 50 to 60. To climb from level 60 to 100 in 30 to 40 hours, look for a group or do Nightmare Dungeons solo. According to the player, this is how they reached level 100 with all five characters in nine weeks.

In the comments, players were concerned about Undrtaker’s mental health after devoting so much time to Diablo 4, but the player calmed everyone down. They said that even though they spent so much time playing Diablo 4, they still worked, slept, watched movies, and “touched grass” by exercising. The XP gain in Diablo 4 is a recurring debate among players, as reaching level 100 is a long journey of almost 500 million total experience. To help players, Blizzard recently boosted XP gains in Diablo 4.

Blizzard’s ARPG is in a rough spot, as statistics say that Diablo 4‘s player base has plummeted. Diablo 4 players also have many complaints about the game’s first season. With the second season starting in October, Diablo 4 players hope for adjustments and content that will breathe some new life into the game.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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