• Players of Hogwarts Legacy are expressing their hope for more “boring” parts in the game’s sequel, such as taking classes and doing homework.
  • The success of Hogwarts Legacy has led to speculation and fan theories about what the second title will be about.
  • Fans are hoping that the development team will listen to their feedback and add more academic activities and quests in the sequel, in line with the premise of being a student at Hogwarts.

Players of action RPG Hogwarts Legacy have recently started a discussion online, expressing their hope that the game’s sequel will have more “boring” parts in it. Indicating these boring parts as taking classes, doing homework, and everything that involves life as a student of Hogwarts, the player base seems to be as interested in these mundane tasks as going off on adventures as a witch or wizard.

Even though there are rumors that Hogwarts Legacy 2 is already in development, nothing official has come from Warner Bros. Interactive. However, this has not stopped the game’s community from being hopeful about a legitimate sequel. Online forums are already filled with fan theories about what the second title will be about. Given the success that Hogwarts Legacy achieved during its launch, the players open these discussions in hopes that the devs will listen, and further improve upon the immersive experience they have already achieved in the first game.

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On Reddit, user Tarp96 started talking about how lessons as a student in Hogwarts Legacy, specifically the quest line with Professor Cuthbert Binns, were some of the best content in the game. The Redditor said that, though seemingly simple and mundane, the quest’s tasks were very relevant to its subject. They also hoped that the development team will consider adding more of these quests in the action RPG’s sequel. Given that the premise of Hogwarts Legacy is that players come in as actual pupils in the magical school, it seems only right that they expect more school-like activities to be part of the main plot.

Many fellow Hogwarts Legacy fans seem to echo Tarp96’s sentiments, with some hoping that the development team added more academic activities than just basic cutscenes in the game. This led to discussions on its gameplay features like how Quidditch is missing in the game, the short experiences with the student dueling club, and the massive amounts of puzzles found across the Hogwarts Legacy map. One fan found Tarp96’s sentiment funny, too, since, lore-wise, Professor Binn’s classes are some of the most boring in Hogwarts history, and are often dull enough to put many students to sleep.

If there really is going to be a Hogwarts Legacy 2 game, it would be wise for the development team to consider listening to the player base. However, this will all really depend on how production and development will go. And whether the devs will return to Hogwarts, making players be students again in the sequel.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version releasing November 14.

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