Andreus, the self-proclaimed saint of Krat, is one of the tougher bosses in Lies of P. He can throw players in for a wild ride, especially those who aren’t prepared to meet his full fury.

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Like every other boss in Lies of P, players are going to need to strategize and sharpen their skills if they want to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this fight a little easier. With some sharp senses and a bit of patience, it won’t take long before players finally beat this crazed monster.

How to Beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Phase 1 of the Andreus boss fight in Lies of P

Before everything else, this is a two-phase boss fight. Once players empty Andreus’ health bar, a cutscene will play before promptly starting the next half of the battle. Players will need to master the first phase so they can have enough resources to take on Andreus in his final form.

Thankfully, the first phase is relatively easy once players get the hang of Andreus’ attacks. His moves are fairly slow, but they still hit like a truck. Don’t be greedy and only attack once the boss starts recovering from missed or blocked attacks. Andreus’ tongue attacks are easy to parry, so try to aim for those perfect blocks whenever he does them.

The second fight is where things get dicey. The one-winged angel from the intro cutscene will reappear and start fighting as well. However, it only seems to attack if players are facing it. To negate much of the strengths it has, run behind Andreus and lock onto the big, ugly monster face from the first phase. Here, the majority of the boss attacks will be similar to the first half of the fight, albeit slightly more aggressive.

Second phase of the Andreus boss fight in Lies of P

Use Fire damage when fighting Andreus to deal more damage in the long run. Almost everything the game gives to the players since starting the St. Frangelico Cathedral map points towards using Fire against beasts, so make sure to equip the Flame Grindstone and Flamberge and bring along a couple of cans of Thermite to maximize DPS. Back in the Venigni Works’ Workshop Union Entrance Stargazers, players can find the Salamander Blade, which deals Fire damage with each attack.

To make the fight even easier, summon a Specter and use all available sources of Fire damage. If players are quick enough, they’ll be able to enter the second phase while the Specter still has half health or more, making the hardest part of this fight that much easier. Players can freely use the Flamberge to torch Andreus while the boss’ attention is glued to the Specter.

Lies of P is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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