In Starfield, a United Colonies citizen is an individual with residuary permission and upper-class service access. However, as UC citizenship is not granted from birth, players must earn it through service.

While it typically takes a regular person a minimum of ten years to acquire UC citizenship, Starfield players have the opportunity to obtain it within a few hours. All they need to do is join the military branch of the United Colonies, which offers the chance to obtain paid residency permission. If this process seems complex, use the guide on this page to learn everything about UC citizenship and obtain it quickly and effortlessly.

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How to Get UC Citizenship

image showing vanguard booth where players can apply for citizenship in starfield.

To become a UC citizen, players will need to join the Vanguard faction. For this, they must visit the MAST District in New Atlantis and speak to Commander John Tuala. (He can be found next to the district’s elevator).

Following a conversation with John, players should ride the elevator to the UC Registration floor and sign up for the faction by interacting with one of the computers. This will later necessitate them to take a piloting test.

After the probationary mission, Supra Et Ultra, players will need to complete four more missions to get their citizenship. These quests include Grunt Work, Delivering Devils, Eyewitness, and Friends Like These.

Citizenship Prerequisites

image showing prerequisite piloting test for becoming a uc citizen in starfield.

As the United Colonies represent the most advanced division, they have a requirement for all citizens to possess a clean legal record and demonstrate expertise in their respective fields of service. This means that players will need to meet the following standards:

  • Have no bounty fines.
  • Pass the piloting exam.

To fulfill the initial requirement, players can utilize a self-service bounty machine to settle their fines. However, to meet the latter, they must defeat four enemy ships, which equates to reaching Tier 3 in the starship simulation.

Benefits of Becoming a United Colonies Citizen

image showing uc citizenship museum in starfield.

Like all other factions, UC offers membership benefits to its associates. By joining Vanguard and becoming a citizen, players receive a Credit bonus, get discounted offers from UC vendors, and become eligible to purchase a house in New Atlantis.

Players should note that Starfield doesn’t limit them to only one faction. They can join all other groups in the galaxy after becoming a Vanguard and will face no issue completing other faction quests.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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