Skill isn’t the only thing players need to survive in Lies of P. The condition of their weapons plays a big part in their overall power, and they need to be able to keep up with the ever-increasing danger posed by the puppets and abominations of Krat.

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Moonstones are the primary weapon upgrade material in Lies of P, and players will need to find a lot of them if they want to keep their gear in top shape. Thankfully, using them is straightforward, though finding enough Moonstones isn’t as simple.

Lies of P: How to Use Moonstones

Using Moonstones in the weapon upgrade screen in Lies of P

Moonstones are used to upgrade weapon blades. Players can bring these to Eugenie at Hotel Krat, and she’ll use the Moonstones to improve the effectiveness of weapons. The Moonstones will be consumed alongside an Ergo commission that increases per weapon rank.

There are a variety of Moonstone rarities, and each only upgrades weapons up to a certain level. Hidden Moonstones can only upgrade Lies of P weapon blades up to +3, while Crescent Moonstones can only bump equipment up to +6. Players need to stock up on the right kind of Moonstone if they want to upgrade their weapon blades past the indicated thresholds.

Moonstones can often be found tucked away in the environment. Players will usually need to go off the beaten path to find these upgrade materials, but the majority of them are fairly easy to reach. Also, some enemies have a chance to drop Moonstones when defeated, but the odds are so low that continuously farming an area wouldn’t normally be worth it unless players are also grinding for Ergo.

A Hidden Moonstone dropped by an enemy in Lies of P

Only low-tier Moonstones will be available to players during the early parts of the game. More advanced variants will become available once players reach the deeper recesses of Krat, though there may be some secret areas in the early maps that hide advanced Moonstones.

Polendina, the puppet bartender who acts as a merchant inside Hotel Krat, will begin selling Moonstones once players find Supply Boxes while exploring the city. These are usually hidden though, further incentivizing thorough exploration of each major area. When players do find a Supply Box, give it to Polendina (or Pulcinella, if he is already in the hotel) to expand their inventory.

There are several different Supply Boxes to find, and each unlocks different items at Hotel Krat’s vendors. Make sure to check every nook and cranny for these as they can make Moonstone farming much more convenient.

Lies of P is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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