• A Minecraft player discovered a giant cat in their old save, sparking nostalgia for the game’s previous versions.
  • The size difference in the cat is due to a update that separated ocelots from cats, making only the smaller cats tameable.
  • While the giant cat is rare and doesn’t provide advantage, players can use mods to experience taming ocelots again.

A Minecraft player was left confused when they booted up an old save of the game and discovered a giant cat. The amusing incident has left some players fondly remembering how Minecraft used to work prior to certain updates.

Minecraft has been around for quite some time, and significant changes have come to the game during that period. The title sees regular patches and updates, ranging from minor to huge game changes. Some updates have added new Minecraft mobs or types of blocks, but others have had a significant impact on existing elements. It seems one such change may have led to this oddity.

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Reddit user 360Fanatic took to the Minecraft subreddit to share their experience and look for answers after discovering a giant cat in their old save. Upon booting it up, they were greeted by a massive cat that looks to be more than double the size of the standard tameable cats in the game. The user put the two varieties side by side so others could really see how significant a difference it is, and many fellow players responded with amusement at the giant Minecraft mob‘s size, comparing it to famous cartoon cat Garfield, large cat breeds like the Maine Coon, or popular fat cat memes.

The apparent answer behind this phenomenon is that 360Fanatic’s Minecraft save was old enough that it went back to before cats and ocelots became separate mobs. The Village and Pillage update made major gameplay changes upon release, including introducing standard stray cats and changing the behavior of ocelots. Prior to that, ocelots were tameable like cats are in the game today. However, once the split occurred, the small cats became the only ones that players could fully tame and keep as pets. This particular tamed Minecraft ocelot simply turned into a jumbo cat when the game’s code changed instead of shrinking to standard cat size or becoming an untamed ocelot.

While the ocelot-cat hybrid in 360Fanatic’s game is odd, it’s thankfully not game-breaking. The update impacting ocelots came out way back in 2019, meaning that this particular giant cat is likely even more of a rarity by this point. While the big cat won’t provide any significant advantage in the game to the player, it’s clear from the comments that many are nostalgic for the era of Minecraft where ocelots could be tamed and kept as pets. While it’s no longer possible in the base game, Minecraft‘s extensive modding scene means mods that allow ocelot taming do exist, so players can always revisit what it was like for themselves if they’re nostalgic or started playing too late to tame an ocelot.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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