• Moriah Plath, the black sheep of her conservative family, expresses herself through her edgy clothing choices and refuses to conform to their expectations.
  • Moriah rebels further by getting multiple tattoos, a departure from the rest of her family who hold more traditional beliefs.
  • While previously distant from religion, Moriah has recently expressed interest in being baptized, showcasing a potential shift in her perspective and beliefs.

Welcome to Plathville viewers have watched family rebel Moriah Plath’s character over the years, and she stands out as the black sheep of the Plath family. Moriah is the second oldest of ten (one deceased) children. The Plath parents tried to instill conservative, religious, and insular values in their children growing up. The Plath kids were born and raised in Cairo, Georgia, and were all homeschooled by Kim. Moriah has been the main sibling to steer away from the way she was brought up. While Moriah may be vastly different from the other members of her family, she is always authentic and true to herself.

The Plath family dynamic has changed drastically from season 1 to currently airing season 5. Namely, an ongoing rift has been created in the family over oldest brother Ethan Plath’s wife Olivia Plath’s influence on the Plath children. There is a narrative that Oliva has tried to get the Plath kids to think the way they were brought up was limiting and that their parents were toxic. Olivia once swayed Moriah and Micah Plath, but this season her beliefs are working against her. Parents Barry and Kim’s Plath divorce in season 4 after 26 years of marriage was the other major shift in the family.

Moriah Plath Wears Risque Clothes And Does Intense Makeup

Moriah has been insistent on wearing whatever she wants since Welcome to Plathville viewers were first introduced to her. Her style is edgy, and she chooses to wear clothes that are very small and show a lot of skin. However, she is adamant about expressing herself through her wardrobe. When her ex-boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, told Moriah her style was classless, she let him know his opinion had no effect on how she would continue to dress. The rest of the Plath family maintains conservative dress but has embraced Moriah’s clothing choices.

Moriah Plath Has Inked Her Body

Moriah‘s black sheep label comes from her non-conformity to the way the rest of her family acts and the beliefs they hold. Not only has she rebelled against the conservative norm with the way she dresses, but also has rebelled by getting several tattoos. At Olivia’s behest, Ethan is the only other Plath kid to have a tattoo, and he only has one dedicated to Olivia. Moriah has a large red rose tattoo on her hip and a wrist tattoo that says “Black heart.” This season on Welcome to Plathville, Moriah will be adding to her ink collection with a large script tattoo that says “Rebel” on her forearm.

Moriah Plath Has Not Embraced Religion Like Her Family

While the rest of Moriah‘s family have been vocal about their love of God, Jesus, and their religion, Moriah has kept quiet about her denomination choices up until this current season. She has admitted to trying to handle her personal demons alone and that she never felt a connection to God in her life. Moriah’s stance on religion, however, has changed this season as she told her dad that she wanted to be baptized. Based on the trailer for Welcome to Plathville season 5, it looks like Moriah will be baptized, but it’s hard to tell how that has affected her yet.

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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