• An observant Overwatch 2 player noticed a strange detail about D.Va after using her Ultimate ability, sparking debate in the community.
  • The image shared by the player suggests that there might be two versions of D.Va in her mech at the same time, leading to theories.
  • Some fans believe it’s a replay glitch, while others have tried to replicate the effect with no success. Regardless, players are encouraged to keep an eye out for this detail in future.

One observant Overwatch 2 player noticed a small detail about D.Va after she used her Ultimate ability during a replay. This little detail has sparked a conversation within the Overwatch 2 community about whether it’s a glitch in the game or an undiscovered piece of D.Va lore.

D.Va in Overwatch 2 is a very popular tank hero in the game that’s known for taking a lot of damage and being sassy while doing so. D.Va’s real name is Hana Song, and she’s a professional gamer turned mech pilot from South Korea. Her purple mech is equipped with fusion cannons and micro missiles, and her Defense Matrix ability allows her to absorb damage for a short period of time. She’s also known for flying around the map to protect her team using her boosters. Her Ultimate ability is called “Self-Destruct,” and when she activates it, she ejects from her mech suit and lets the purple machine blow up in the enemy’s face. After a short delay, D.Va can call down a replacement mech to get back into the action.

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Reddit user Roludin noticed something strange while watching a replay during a D.Va match in Overwatch. When D.Va activates her Ultimate, it appears that she’s still in the mech when it explodes. This doesn’t make any sense because the player usually runs around as the human version of D.Va for at least a few seconds after activating her Ultimate. But the posted image by Roludin does make it appear as if the human version of D.Va is in two places at once.

In the post’s comments, plenty of fans throw out theories about how there can be another D.Va inside her mech during her Ultimate. Many of them bring up the idea that D.Va might be cloning herself and that the player has been using her clone the entire time. Some commenters even brought up the Christopher Nolan movie The Prestige, which has a similar plot concept. Another fan theorized that maybe it’s just a projection with the mech to fool her enemies into thinking that everything is normal before she explodes unexpectedly.

Other Overwatch 2 fans think it’s just a replay glitch, as some have claimed that the mech is clearly empty during actual matches. Some fans even tried to recreate this effect at the shooting range with no success. No matter what the reason is for this small discovery, it’s something for players to look out for the next time they use D.Va’s Ultimate ability.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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