• A modder has brought the maps from Armored Core 6 into Elden Ring, creating an intriguing mix of the two popular franchises.
  • The mod allows players to explore huge Armored Core 6 areas in Elden Ring as a regular-sized Tarnished, giving a realistic sense of scale to the megastructures in the game.
  • The mod is currently unavailable and has some limitations, such as clunky movement and the lack of enemies, but there are other impressive mods available for Elden Ring.

A modder has recently inserted some of the Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon maps into Elden Ring, creating a curious mixture between the two franchises. Both Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring are among the highest-rated FromSoftware games, and this unofficial crossover is certain to amaze fans of these franchises.

After coming out last month, Armored Core 6 became a huge hit. While the title is yet to reach Elden Ring’s mark of over 20 million copies sold, it’s safe to say that both FromSoftware games are among the most successful projects ever made by the developer. Now, one fan decided to unite both of them.

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A modder and YouTuber called Dropoff has recently unveiled a new video in which they play Elden Ring using a few maps from AC6, which is possible because Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring use the same engine. In the six-minute clip, it’s possible to see Elden Ring’s main character walking around three different huge Armored Core 6 areas, including maps like the Uninhabited Floating City, and Western Belius.

Each area in the Elden Ring mod is really huge, and the Tarnished looks very small in comparison to these abandoned sci-fi mission hubs. In the comments of the video, some players highlighted how interesting it was to see these areas on a realistic scale, which gives an idea of how big the megastructures used in Armored Core 6 are when compared to a normally sized person.

While the video of the mod is impressive, this project does have a few limitations at the moment. For instance, some of the movement on top of Armored Core 6’s surfaces feels very clunky, and sometimes the main character simply walks in the air as if they were flying. There are no enemies to fight in the mod, either, which makes for a lonely experience. Also, the mod is not currently available anywhere, which means that gamers won’t be able to enjoy this unique crossover on their own, and there’s no idea whether Dropoff would release this to others or not.

While gamers won’t be able to play this new mod right now, it doesn’t mean that they are lacking in excellent Elden Ring mod options. Since Elden Ring’s release, the community has devised countless interesting mods for the title, which can improve the player’s experience in several ways. For instance, the title currently has projects that enhance Merchant Kale, give players high-resolution maps, add the ability to pause Elden Ring, or offer a full cheat engine to the game.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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