• Lynx, a 4-star Quantum character and skilled healer, is joining Honkai: Star Rail in Version 1.3 phase when it launches on September 20.
  • With her Healing abilities, Lynx may be especially effective in boss battles and end-game activities, making her a reliable addition to a Quantum-based team composition.
  • Players can try out Lynx and her healing abilities soon, as she will be available to summon this week, and can also be used in the updated iPhone 15 Pro version of Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail has revealed the full character kit for Lynx, a new playable character arriving in phase two of Version 1.3. Lynx will be joining the Honkai: Star Rail character roster alongside Fu Xuan, and players can also expect new events and quests during the second phase of Version 1.3.

Honkai: Star Rail updates are typically divided into two phases featuring a lineup of Event Warps and limited-time events. The 5-star Imbibitor Lunae version of Dan Heng is the main highlight of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 phase one, while Fu Xuan is the featured 5-star character for phase two. Leading up to the release of Version 1.3, leaks suggested that 4-star character Lynx would make her debut during the update’s second phase. Those leaks turned out to be true following HoYoverse’s official reveal of Lynx for Version 1.3.

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A new HoYoLab blog post delves into Lynx’s full character kit for Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 phase two, which launches on September 20. Firstly, HoYoverse introduces Lynx as one of the most talented explorers of Belobog and the youngest daughter of the prestigious Landau family. Lynx appears to be introverted, but she’s quite skilled as a 4-star Quantum character that helps and heals allies while in combat. For example, Lynx’s technique, Chocolate Energy Bar, grants a continuous healing effect to her allies at the start of the next battle. Her basic attack, Ice Crampon Technique, deals Quantum damage to a single target.

Honkai Star Rail Reveals Lynx's Full Character Kit

Although Lynx lacks attack options in her character kit, she’s able to heal her allies on each turn by using her Skill and Talent in Honkai: Star Rail. Lynx’s Salted Camping Cans Skill applies the Survival Response status effect to an ally, restoring HP and increasing their max HP stat in battle. The Outdoor Survival Experience Talent grants continuous healing to a single ally and bolsters the Survival Response healing effect after the player activates Lynx’s Ultimate, Snowfield First Aid. Her Ultimate immediately dispels one debuff from the entire party while restoring HP. Moreover, players may upgrade Lynx’s Traces in order to improve her energy regeneration rate, increase the chance of resisting Crowd Control debuffs, and extend the duration of Lynx’s Talent effect.

Lynx appears to be a very reliable healing unit that may prove to be exceptional in boss battles and end-game activities such as Simulated Universe and Forgotten Hall. She may complement Fu Xuan and other powerful Honkai: Star Rail characters in a Quantum-based team comp, but her long term viability remains to be seen. Fortunately, players won’t need to wait long to summon and test out Lynx since she will be available this week.

Eager players may also use Lynx in the updated iPhone 15 Pro version of Honkai: Star Rail. The popular mobile title will be updated with several new Apple-exclusive features after the iPhone 15 Pro launches on September 22.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for Android, iOS, and PC. The PlayStation 5 version launches on October 11.

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