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“Fixers” are a staple of the cyberpunk genre. When so many rich people need illegal things done, it helps to know someone who knows everyone. Starfield players don’t have to spend all their time in the cyberpunk city of Neon, but they do get an opportunity or two to help out a fixer.

The fixer in question goes by Manaia Adams, and players can find her near the bar in the Astral Lounge. However, she doesn’t appear there at the start of the game, and Starfield players may have trouble finding her to start this particular mission.

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Where to Find Manaia Adams

Starfield Dirty Manaia

Much like other Neon side missions, players can first hear about Manaia by listening to the Neon Security guards. After she spawns, one of the guards will complain that she didn’t think the guard was discrete enough for her newest job, and “Speak to Manaia Adams” will appear in the Activities log.

However, Manaia doesn’t appear in Neon at the start of the game. She only seems to spawn after players have done several side missions in the city, possibly including the gang war missions “The Audition,” “Display of Power,” and “The Showdown.”

Manaia normally handles her jobs herself, but she currently has something she could use a neutral third party to accomplish. Specifically, a certain weapon has found its way to a warehouse in Neon, and Manaia needs it to end up with the Trade Authority. Once players accept, the mission “Dirty Laundry” begins.

Which Warehouse to Visit

Starfield Dirty Warehouse

The warehouse in question is Warehouse 03. Players may recognize it as the same one where the mission “The Showdown” ends. If “The Showdown” is over, players should have no trouble getting into the warehouse and finding the Discarded Sidestar, which someone has put in a medical box. Warehouse 03 can be hard to find, and players who want to reach it quickly should ignore the objective marker and use the Ebbside door next to the Trade Authority building.

Players should note that the Discarded Sidestar counts as contraband goods. This means players will have trouble getting through patrol scans so long as they have the Sidestar. Normally, this also means that players can only sell the item to a Trade Authority merchant, but as a quest item players can’t sell it to anyone.

Instead, the only way to get rid of the gun is by speaking to the Trade Authority merchant in Neon. One of the dialog options is “I was wondering if you’d be interested in this Sidestar.” He’ll only offer 500 credits since the weapon is hot, but players with Weapon Engineering can talk him into giving up 1,500 credits instead.

Once the gun is gone, players can return to Manaia to complete the mission. She’ll give players 100 XP and a large sum of credits for their trouble.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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