One Starfield player has managed to build a space truck that looks very similar to Optimus Prime. Starfield‘s ship builder gives players free rein to craft any type of spacecraft, from the Normandy and Darth Maul’s Scimitar to the Arwing from Star Fox. The general purpose of these vehicles is to travel across different star systems, but they can also be used to pirate enemy ships.

Ships are essential parts of Starfield, as they have a variety of uses like planetary exploration and space combat. Players can use the cargo hold of their ship as storage to transit valuable loot and resources. Depending on their size, these specially modified vehicles offer a level of mobility, endurance, crew capacity, firepower, and jump range. Players must be aware that overall stats indicate which part of their build can be upgraded. To modify ships and access their fleet, they must find the several technicians spread across major settlements.

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Reddit user Xeppeling showed their custom space truck that can be used to travel across Starfield‘s procedurally-generated planets. It’s made mostly of cargo holds, cowlings, habs, and a cockpit where the player manages their aircraft. In addition to the engine, the vehicle has six wheels and a radiator grill like its real-life counterpart. Decorated in red, this functional space truck bears a striking resemblance to Optimus Prime. On the Reddit thread, many Starfield players have praised Xeppeling for creating such an impressive vehicle, with some hoping that they get an update that lets them share their builds within the community.

Starfield‘s ship-building tool has nearly endless possibilities, allowing players to create famous starships from other sci-fi franchises. For example, one insightful player built the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, while another made the Pelican from the Halo series. These custom ships are all well and good, but they cost a certain amount of credits to build from scratch. Luckily, Starfield offers players tons of ways to farm credits, such as pirating enemy ships, unlocking the Commerce skill, and selling items to merchants.

In Starfield, spaceships not only get players from one planet to another but also allow them to board and steal enemy ships they encounter in the space. It’s totally up to players to choose which modules they will use to build their vehicles. They can either combine a lot of habs and cargo holds to craft a massive ship or add more weapon mounts to turn it into a fighter.

Starfield is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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