• Starfield players have the freedom to unleash their creativity and design impressive structures within the game, such as an expansive outpost that took over 100 hours to build.
  • The diverse array of creations in Starfield, including space trucks and likenesses of Hollywood actors, highlights the limitless possibilities offered by the game.
  • The showcased outpost, named “My Factory,” shows the player’s ingenuity and dedication, sparking inspiration for other players to improve and create their own remarkable structures.

A Starfield player has managed to create an impressive outpost that, according to them, has taken more than 100 hours of work to build. This creation adds to the wide variety of creations already seen in the game, once again showcasing the incredible possibilities offered by Starfield.

Bethesda’s new RPG video game has not only granted imaginative fans the wings to explore the depths of space but also to let their creative minds take flight, empowering them to craft and design within the game to their heart’s content. Players have showcased a diverse array of creations, ranging from space trucks resembling Optimus Prime to The Normandy from Mass Effect. Some players have even crafted likenesses of Hollywood personalities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Willem Dafoe, demonstrating a significant dedication to investing hours in these artistic endeavors.

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The latest impressive design has been shared by Reddit user Hackoox, who showed off an impressive Outpost that more than one Starfield player would love to have, according to the comments on the post. In the game, an outpost essentially serves as a Starfield player’s base camp on any planet of their choice, depending on the weather and atmosphere. This Reddit user has taken the concept a step further by creating what they call “My Factory,” which in the images appears as an immense industrial unit, carefully designed in the middle of a planet, bearing certain similarities even with settings from franchises like Star Wars.

The outpost looks quite spacious in the images and features different sections where containers, transport carts, control towers, and many more things are placed, making it resemble an authentic factory. According to the user, this undertaking in Starfield required over 100 hours of work and is still not completed, so the total construction time could be even longer.

While this creation doesn’t directly relate to popular culture, as seen in previous examples, it is a display of ingenuity and dedication that once again highlights the millions of possibilities that Starfield offers to its players. Despite some complaints in the comments on Hackoox’s post regarding issues with flat surfaces and the often challenging nature of building foundations within the game, most people were very positive about this construction and were encouraged to improve their own creations.

This player has demonstrated that outposts are not just a place or a base to be in but, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity (and about 100 hours), can be transformed into admirable constructions. So far, Starfield has been a great source of inspiration for players, and the community will be eager to know what new creations the future holds for them.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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