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Neon in Starfield is a rough town. It takes inspiration from cyberpunk stories, which means the streets are bright and colorful but conceal a lot of social problems just beneath the surface. Once such problem is Aurora, a highly addictive hallucinogen that also happens to be the backbone of Neon’s industry.

Because of Aurora’s issues, the local doctor in Neon, Joseph Manning, is butting heads with Administrator Bayu. Bayu has responded by cutting off Manning’s medical supplies, but Starfield players can help the good doctor maintain his independence.

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How to Start Relief Run

Starfield Relief Manning

Like most of Neon’s side missions, players can learn about Doctor Manning’s problem by overhearing one of the security guards talk about him. This adds a new objective to the Activities log. Players can also walk into Reliant Medical and ask Manning why he has no supplies to offer when other Reliant Medical locations can.

Eventually, players can choose the dialog option “I can help you with your medical supply problem.” Manning will tell players to meet with the contact he’s using to smuggle in medical supplies without Administrator Bayu knowing. This contact is Abbie Edding, whom players will find in the Narion system.

How to Get the Medical Supplies

Starfield Relief Narion

To find Abbie Edding, players must head over to Deepala, a gas giant in the Narion system. Specifically, she’s on the starstation that orbits the planet directly, rather than the one that orbits a Deepala moon. The station’s name is The Clinic, and it has a few problems of its own if players have time to spare.

Abbie is just past the entrance to The Clinic, leaning against the wall by the bathroom. She’s ready and waiting to deliver medical supplies to Doctor Manning’s latest smuggler, but players can Persuade her with a four-step challenge to provide more. If they succeed, she’ll put two crates called “medical supplies” on the player’s ship instead of one. These crates don’t weigh anything, so players make this run to The Clinic even if their cargo hold is full.

The medical supplies also don’t count as stolen or contraband goods, so players can head straight back to Neon without having to worry about scans or shielded cargo holds. Doctor Manning will reward players with a few credits for bringing the supplies to him, and he’ll give almost double the credits if they convinced Abbie. Aside from that, players can expect 100 XP for completing this mission.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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