• Overwatch 2 has different game modes that cater to different play styles, including Control, Escort, Capture the Flag, and the newest mode called Flashpoint.
  • A Reddit user discovered that in the Flashpoint mode, players are not allowed to be in an enemy spawn room and will be teleported to a safe area if they are caught in one.
  • The clip shows Reinhardt accidentally pinning D.Va in the spawn room and getting teleported to a different area, demonstrating that the game strictly enforces the Flashpoint rule to maintain fairness.

A confused Overwatch 2 player experienced firsthand what happens when someone gets stuck inside an enemy spawn point during a Flashpoint match. The posted clip is a must-see for Overwatch 2 fans who enjoy playing this best-of-five game mode.

There are several game modes in Overwatch 2, and each one fits a different type of play style. There’s Control, which pits two teams against each other to capture and hold an objective point. Escort is a game mode with one team trying to get a payload to a designated endpoint while the other team tries to stop them. And, of course, there are classic game modes in Overwatch 2, like Capture the Flag, where two teams attempt to capture the enemy’s flag while defending their own. One of the newest game types for Overwatch 2 is Flashpoint, a PVP mode where two teams of five compete to capture three control points on the map. These areas on the map are called Flashpoints, and whichever team captures three first wins.

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Reddit user Imaginary-One-3990 accidentally discovered how Overwatch 2 keeps Flashpoint fair for both teams. In the clip, Imaginary-One-3990 is playing as Reinhardt, and he’s facing off against D.Va. The video starts with Reinhardt using his Charge ability to pin D.Va from an outside area of the map into an empty room indoors. Reinhardt swings his hammer from side to side with the intention of destroying D.Va, then suddenly, he gets teleported to a different area on the map entirely, with “Relocating from enemy spawn” flashing on the screen. Reinhardt continues swinging the hammer, confused about what happened before getting attacked by the enemy team once again.

The clip is very fast, so it may be difficult for some to understand what exactly happened. The Flashpoint game mode in Overwatch 2 does not allow the player to be in an enemy spawn room, which is where Reinhardt pinned D.Va in the clip. In order for the game to not break, the player was teleported to a safe area of the map. The fact that Reinhardt was mid-swing when he teleported proves that the game is not messing around with this Flashpoint rule.

Basically, Reinhardt was in the wrong place at the exact wrong time, which is a rare event in Overwatch 2. One person in the comments mentioned that they tried to sneak into the enemy spawn on purpose using Sombra’s Translocator ability. Instead of Sombra being teleported elsewhere, the game just killed her every time they tried it.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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