• Kelsey Owens, a fan-favorite on Siesta Key, left the show under suspicious circumstances and expressed her dissatisfaction with the production crew.
  • Co-star Juliette Porter claims that Kelsey was not fired but had an allotted amount of episodes.
  • Fans were divided on the different accounts, with some speculating about contract terms and a potential miscommunication with production.

Siesta Key fan-favorite Kelsey Owens left the show under suspicious circumstances ahead of Siesta Key Miami Moves, and she isn’t happy about it. The show followed the lives and dramas of the cast living on the island’s key for over five years, so Kelsey’s abrupt departure was surprising. Kelsey was introduced in the pilot as the new girl in town moving from New York, and she shared her trials and tribulations for five years on the show.

Kelsey was allegedly fired from Siesta Key, which was a shocking announcement. According to Kelsey, she was filming an episode for the show when production told her she would be cut moving forward with no warning. She described the news as “mind-blowing and truly disgusting,” expressing that the production crew created a horrible culture and working environment.

Juliette Porter Claims Kelsey Owens Wasn’t Fired From Siesta Key

Juliette and Kelsey sitting outside on Siesta Key

While Kelsey’s departure was upsetting, co-star Juliette Porter exclusively told People that she was not fired at all. Juliette expressed that everyone was there at the time Kelsey was told she would be cut, but it did not go down the way Kelsey said. Kelsey had been told how long she would have to be in Miami for the new season and had an allotted amount of episodes. Juliette expressed that her fellow co-star should have been told differently, but Kelsey’s statement wasn’t the full story. It was mentioned that Kelsey wanted to leave Siesta Key constantly, so this also may explain why she was not coming back for the new season.

Juliette’s Story About Kelsey Doesn’t Add Up

Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens

There are two sides to every story, but fans were up in arms about the differing stories from Kelsey and Juliette. It is no secret that the co-stars have had a turbulent relationship, and some fans couldn’t help but wonder if this is why Juliette didn’t agree with Kelsey’s statement. Juliette remained part of the show, so she would likely stand up for the production. However, some fans took to Reddit to discuss Kelsey’s side of the story. Redditor realitea1234 commented, “Sounds like terms of a contract?” while realitytvdiet expressed, “But wouldn’t Kelsey know when her contract expires? If production doesn’t renew, then that’s the sign.”

There is no doubt the cast would have a set contract, and it may be that Kelsey thought she would be renewed for the new Siesta Key season, but with her wanting to leave the show, Reddit fans were not convinced. While fans were shocked for Kelsey, it didn’t seem that out of place considering her vocal desire to leave. Juliette’s account of what happened created some doubt, but it seems something in Kelsey’s departure in the show was mishandled.

Kelsey shared five years of her life on Siesta Key, showcasing the best and worst parts of her experiences, and the news of her departure came as a shock. The circumstances of her exit are upsetting, especially if her account is what happened. Even if she wasn’t fired, some sort of miscommunication with production occurred. Since Siesta Key was allegedly canceled anyway, perhaps she got out at the right time.

Source: People, realitea1234/Reddit, realitytvdiet/Reddit

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