• Star Wars: Ahsoka confirms a ret-con from a beloved Star Wars moment, inadvertently canonizing it in the show’s recent statement.
  • The live-action spin-off has a strong connection to Star Wars Rebels, and the recent episode recreates important scenes from the animated series.
  • The slight alterations in the scene have sparked debate among fans, but it doesn’t affect the overall narrative of Ahsoka’s story in a significant way.

As Star Wars: Ahsoka continues its successful first-season run on Disney Plus, one apparent retcon to an iconic Star Wars moment has been confirmed and inadvertently canonized by Lucasfilm.

While Star Wars: Ahsoka is a spin-off of the live-action shows The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, where the titular character first appeared in live-action, the show has a much more significant connection to Star Wars Rebels, as attested by showrunner Dave Filoni. Rebels, a successor to the much-beloved animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, forms the basis for much of what Ahsoka explores, with the live-action show taking place after the fall of the First Galactic Empire that the cast of Rebels struggled to help undermine and eventually topple.

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In addition to continuing the story from Rebels, Star Wars: Ahsoka has also given fans some spectacular recreations of important scenes and items of interest from the animated series, including one change that has now been made canon. In the second episode of Ahsoka‘s 2-episode premiere, which beat The Mandalorian season 3 in ratings, Sabine Wren looks on at a mural depicting herself and her allies before heading off to join Ahsoka as the two start a search for Ezra Bridger. While the scene is generally a well-done recreation, small changes caused some to question if it was truly the same scene. Now, an official Star Wars post has settled the matter and described the moment as “familiar to ‘Star Wars Rebels’ fans, with a few shot-for-shot recreations of the animated series’ epilogue.”

Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka mural Sabine Wren Natasha Liu Bordizzo

While the two major changes made between the animated show and live-action (Wren declines to put on her Mandalorian Helmet and shares a few words with Ahsoka before they depart in the live-action series), the gravity and heartfelt emotion the scene entails lends a deeper meaning to any alteration made. The recent statement on the Star Wars website superimposes the slightly altered events onto the canon, which settles the dispute about the nature of the changes once and for all, which fans have met with varying degrees of acceptance. However, this is a minor issue and only affects those whose understanding of Ahsoka draws from watching Star Wars Rebels.

While there isn’t any apparent fallout to the alterations in the scene, the decision to even slightly alter such an iconic scene (what effectively amounts to the final act of Rebels) by a show that has so far been such a love letter to fans of the animated series that came before that it has at times been to the detriment of welcoming newer fans trying to get in on Ahsoka. Fortunately, the confirmation and its implications have been drowned out by the rapidly increasing interest in the characters and events of the series itself, which is quickly carving its narrative path forward.

The Star Wars franchise continues to march onwards to new horizons on Disney Plus, promising fans something powerful for Ahsoka‘s remaining episodes. What the showrunners have in store is anyone’s guess, but the show will certainly keep to its roots even as it leaves its mark on the franchise.

Star Wars: Ahsoka is currently available for streaming on Disney Plus.

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