• The Master Mode for Destiny 2’s Crota’s End raid has been delayed due to a weapon-crafting bug that has caused a frenzy in the community.
  • Bungie has disabled certain perks and frames to address part of the issue, but new glitched combinations still continue to be discovered.
  • Update, which was set to increase drop rates for the Essence of the Oversoul, has also been delayed along with the Master Mode and Crucible update. Bungie is actively working on the final fix for the glitch.

The upcoming Master Mode for Destiny 2‘s Crota’s End raid, previously set to be released with the weekly reset, has been delayed in light of the weapon-crafting bug plaguing the game. Although short-lived in terms of the bugs usually seen in Destiny 2, the sheer absurd combinations of glitched weapons and their ludicrous damage output made it one of the most player-friendly bugs in the game’s history. Bungie has addressed a part of the issue by disabling several transferrable Exotic perks and Legendary frames from being grafted onto mismatching weapons. However, the bug remains at large, with new glitched combinations being discovered frequently.

Destiny 2‘s weapon-crafting bug has remained in the game for a little over three days but has managed to send the community into a frenzy. As with every glitch that trivializes challenging content, the playerbase has been split over the ethics of using the overpowered weapons to defeat Master mode raids or completing a dungeon flawlessly as a solo player. Bungie officially stated that there were no plans for a rollback or issuing bans and even encouraged the playerbase to have fun with it. Despite the reassurances, the studio removed the highly sought-after Igneous Hammer Handcannon from the Trials of the Osiris loot pool, as PvP was in a rough spot with the glitched weapons.

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Bungie released an update on September 18 that addressed the lion’s share of the glitch. Despite this, crafty Destiny 2 players quickly figured out new combinations that made several Shotguns deal increased damage in close ranges. In light of this, the studio announced via the Bungie Help Twitter page that the Master Mode for Crota’s End raid and the Checkmate Control modifier for Crucible Labs were being delayed. The tweet stated that the studio plans to release the Master mode and Crucible update by September 21, indicating that the developers are close to finalizing the patch.

The tweet further announced the delay to Update, meant to increase the Essence of the Oversoul drop rates. This currency is exclusive to the Crota’s End raid, available randomly from encounter completions, and required to acquire and upgrade Necrochasm, an Exotic weapon returning from the original Destiny. Update’s changes include an overall boost to the Essence drop rate, alongside awarding the total 35 Essence required for Necrochasm and its catalyst.

Although the glitch has resulted in a spike in activity for Destiny 2, its longevity taking a toll on the seasonal content pipeline has prompted many players to doubt the decision to avoid a rollback. Bungie, however, insists on approaching the issue by addressing the core interactions resulting in the glitch, providing regular updates as the developers continue to work on the final fix.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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