• Fast & Furious 11 will involve a key scene between Dom and Cipher that sets up important secrets for the future of the franchise.
  • Cipher warns Dom about the dangerous threat of Dante Reyes and the potential harm he could bring to Dom’s loved ones.
  • Director Louis Leterrier emphasizes the importance of listening to the dialogue in certain scenes, as they lay the groundwork for the next installment of the Fast & Furious adventure.

Fast X director Louis Leterrier reveals a key scene between Dom and Cipher established important secrets for Fast & Furious 11. The latest entry in the franchise begins with a bloodied Cipher going to Dom for help, warning him that Dante Reyes is coming after his family. She warns of just how dangerous Dante is, saying everyone Dom loves could die because of the revenge he seeks.

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Leterrier revealed Dom and Cipher’s first conversation sows the seeds for Fast & Furious 11. The director wasn’t specific about how the scene was important, but gave some hints about what the future of the series will hold. Check out what Leterrier had to say below:

Listen to what is said, listen to the dialogue. I think people enjoy the visuals, and the flare, and the fun, and everything. But there are some scenes that are designed where the conversations, the threats are real. When something sticks out, it’s for a reason. I’m not talking about one scene in particular, there’s like five scenes where we laid out the seeds to our great, next part of this adventure.

Let’s start with the beginning. The moment where Cipher enters Dom and Letty’s house. Whatever she says will inform everything.

What Will Happen In Fast & Furious 11?

Custom image of Vin Diesel as Dom smiling and Jason Momoa as Dante talking on a radio in Fast X

It’s currently unclear how Dom and Cipher’s initial conversation in Fast X will factor into the next film in the series. The scene establishes Dante as a dangerous antagonist who will stop at nothing to destroy Dom and his family. The ending of Fast X sees Dom’s family torn apart, with the fate of many of like Tej and Roman left up in the air. The fact Dante will continue to be a danger moving forward doesn’t bode well for the rest of the franchise’s heroes.

However, a Fast X post-credits scene establishes the return of Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs, who will go up against Dante in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes. This means it may be quite some time before the meaning behind Dom and Cipher’s conversation is revealed. Though its focus on Dante means it could have something to do with more hidden dangers he has at his disposal.

Even though the deeper meaning behind Dom and Cipher’s conversation remains unknown, the next entry in the franchise will no doubt be as action-packed as the previous one. Dante will likely continue as the franchise’s main villain as the Fast Saga comes to a close. Which means even more unpredictable events could unfold when Fast & Furious 11 arrives on April 4, 2025.

Source: CinemaBlend

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