• Leaks surrounding GTA 6 suggest that there will be more enterable buildings in the game, expanding on a feature that fans have been wanting for a long time.
  • A leaked document reveals that there could be at least 157 interiors in GTA 6, indicating a significant increase compared to previous games.
  • While it’s unclear if Rockstar sees this as a core feature, the leaks suggest that there will be an increase in building interiors in GTA 6, giving fans something to be excited about.

Grand Theft Auto fans believe that leaks surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 indicate an expansion of a popular feature, with more enterable buildings than prior games in the franchise. Indoor scenes in the Grand Theft Auto series have been relatively rare. Outside of interiors made explicitly for missions, there weren’t more than two dozen interiors in Grand Theft Auto 5. That may be changing in Grand Theft Auto 6, however, which could be making Vice City a particularly interactive and explorable setting.

It has now been ten years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. While Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn’t necessarily been in full development that entire time, it’s certainly been cooking for a while. It should be unsurprising then to hear that there have been substantial leaks surrounding the project. There are so many leaks that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. There are enough Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks that some conclusions can be drawn from broader ideas, rather than specific details.

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Fans from within the Grand Theft Auto 6 community have now put together a massive document detailing all the leaks related to the upcoming game. And within that document are some exciting conclusions. On page 9 of the document, a section is labeled “Enterable Buildings.” The document then lists locations that players can enter in Grand Theft Auto 6 based on known leaks.

gta 6 leak document page 9

A description in the document notes that the number of enterable buildings will be a “big feature” in GTA 6. This is said to be due to “theft and robbery” being a main element of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s core gameplay. One notable leaked example featured the GTA 6 protagonist entering and robbing a fast-food restaurant. The document says that at least 157 interiors will be featured in GTA 6, “and counting.”

The full extent of explorable interiors in Grand Theft Auto 6 is unclear. Rockstar may or may not actually see the expansion of building interiors as a core feature of its next game. It’s hard to deny that there isn’t an increase in building interiors based on even the small amount of Grand Theft Auto 6 that has been leaked. If explorable interiors matter to Grand Theft Auto fans, then this is something to be excited about.

As for when Rockstar might start talking about Grand Theft Auto 6 officially, including how many building interiors the game will feature, that remains to be seen. Rumors indicate Grand Theft Auto 6 could launch in 2024, 2025, or beyond. It could be months or more before Rockstar starts making larger announcements related to GTA 6. When it does, however, there’s clearly a lot to look forward to.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development.

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