Guilty Parties is one of the concluding missions in the Ryujin Industries questline. In this quest, Starfield players assume the role of an investigator tasked with unraveling the mystery of betrayal within the company. Infinity LTD, a rival corporation, has obtained classified information about a confidential Ryujin product, prompting the executive board to seek out the double agent’s identity.

To help players in their investigation, here is a step-by-step guide to solving the mystery and making the best choices along the way.

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List of All Objectives

image showing all guilty parties objectives in starfield.

The Guilty Parties quest in Starfield has nine objectives:

  • Talk to Yuko
  • [Optional] Talk to Dalton
  • [Optional] Talk to Benjamin Bayu
  • Head to Frankie’s Grab & Go
  • [Optional] Talk to Francesca “Frankie” Moore
  • Find a Way into the Imogene’s Syndicate Hideout
  • Find Imogene
  • [Optional] Confront Ularu
  • Return to Dalton

How to Complete Guilty Parties Quest

image showing the syndicate location in frankie's grab and go in starfield.

The quest’s premise is to locate and apprehend Imogene, the primary suspect in the recent data leak at Ryujin Industries. Dalton aims to interrogate her regarding the incident, and it’s up to the players to locate Imogene’s hideout and decide her fate.

Talk to Yuko

After the Background Checks mission, head to Imogene’s office on the Operations floor. Here, talk to Yuko, Imogene’s assistant, and persuade her to reveal her location. (It’s Frankie’s Grab & Go in case the persuasion goes wrong.)

Following the interaction with Yuko, players will have the choice to discuss the matter with Dalton. If they decide to do so, he will direct them to speak with Benjamin Bayu, who will provide an easy route to Imogene’s hideout. (Note that both objectives are optional.)

Locate the Syndicate

The Syndicate is behind a secret door at Frankie’s Grab & Go. To access it, first, exit the door in Bayu Plaza and proceed to the EBBSIDE area. Locate Frankie’s restaurant there. Once at Frankie’s, go with one of these options: either persuade Frankie to open the secret door or utilize the rooftop vent to break in.

Decide Imogene’s Fate

Confront Imogene and let her defend her actions. Once she has finished, make the decision of whether to kill her or spare her life. This choice will not have significant consequences other than removing Imogene from the game or keeping her in.

Players should note that Imogene is telling the truth and is not the mole. Therefore, killing her would mean aligning with Ularu, the true traitor. As a result, players pursuing an ethical playthrough are advised against killing Imogene.

Regardless of killing or saving Imogene, players must acquire her data slot and return it to Ryujin Industries.

Discuss the Findings with Dalton

After obtaining Imogene’s slot, players are required to deliver it to Dalton. However, they also have the option to abstain from doing so and instead converse with Ularu. She will offer them a chance to collaborate and overthrow Masako, which players can either accept or decline.

All Guilty Parties’ Choices and Outcomes

image showing the first objective in executive level mission of starfield.

The Guilty Parties quest sets the pace for three important choices: Imogene’s fate, exposing or covering up the mole, and overthrowing or upholding Masako as the CEO.

Here are all the outcomes based on these decisions.

  • Save Imogene’s life. Players who spare Imogene’s life and reveal the actual mole will see her back in the office.
  • Side with Ularu. Those who side with the mole will remove Imogene from the game and keep Ularu in the office.
  • Side with Masako. In the Executive Level quest, players will be able to rally for or against Masako as the Ryujin Industries CEO.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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