• Leaks have revealed three new playable units, Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya, that will be arriving in update 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail.
  • Huohuo is a five-star character with strong healing potential and a skill that provides instant healing to a single ally. Her Ultimate ability restores energy to all team members and boosts their ATK stat.
  • Argenti is a five-star character with a powerful DPS kit that can attack multiple or all enemies on the field. His Ultimate consumes energy and deals damage to all enemies, with the ability to perform additional random attacks based on the Energy Cap.

A Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed more information about potential characters that could arrive in update 1.5. Leaks and rumors are very common in the game’s community, and they usually reveal details about new playable units even months before they officially join the live servers.

The ongoing first banner cycle of Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3 has featured the famous Imbibitor Lunae who’s a five-star Imaginary version of the free-to-play character Dan Heng. This banner will soon be replaced by a new character lineup which will include a new five-star Quantum user Fu Xuan and a four-star unit named Lynx.

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Even though version 1.3 has not even reached its halfway point, recent Honkai: Star Rail leaks have revealed which characters will arrive in update 1.5. According to the post, version 1.5 will include three new playable units: HuoHuo, Argenti, and Hanya. Previous leaks have revealed that Huohuo will be a five-star character that uses the Wind element and follows the path of Abundance. This means that she will probably be the best fit for the support role since characters that follow this path usually have strong healing potential. Her skill will apparently provide an instant healing effect to a single ally.

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Huohuo’s Ultimate ability will allow her to restore energy to all of her team members and increase their ATK stat for two turns. Her Talent effect can also provide a decent healing effect to all of her allies at the start of each turn. Argenti will also be a new five-star character and he’s rumored to be a Physical user that follows the Path of Erudition which means that his kit can attack multiple or all enemies on the field. His skill is very simple as it allows Argenti to deal damage to all the opponents based on his ATK stat.

Argenti’s Ultimate is very similar as it makes him consume energy and deal Physical damage to all enemies and, depending on the Energy Cap, he can perform 6 additional attacks that affect random targets. The Talent effect allows him to restore Energy and boost his CRIT Rate which makes him a powerful DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail.

According to the leak, Hanya will be the only new four-star character in this update, and she’s rumored to follow the Path of Harmony. This means that she could be a decent support or sub-DPS that can be paired with multiple DPS units in the game. Her kit allows Hanya to increase an ally’s Speed and ATK, as well as recover 1 skill point.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on Android, iOS, and PC. A PlayStation version is in development.

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