The Parade Master was a remarkable Parade Puppet created in the Workshop to celebrate the Grand Exhibition in Lies of P. Before the Puppet Frenzy, the Parade Master loved singing, dancing, and entertaining people in general.

Players can’t proceed to Hotel Krat in Lies of P unless the Parade Master is defeated in the Plaza. The Puppet Master is somewhat a tutorial boss as it exists in the first area next to a Merchant and a training Puppet. Here’s how to defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P.

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How To Beat Parade Master In Lies Of P

To beat the Parade Master, players need to understand the boss’ mechanics in Lies of P and how his attacks work. There are several moves players can take advantage of to perform Perfect Guard and others that are difficult to counter. Since it’s the first area, players are only presented with limited items.

how to beat parade master in lies of p

One that can be immensely helpful is Fable Art or the Electric Blitz Abrasive which temporarily imbued the weapon with Electric Blitz, and it’s bought from the Merchant. Defeating the boss will reward Pinocchio with a Quartz in Lies of P and the Parade Master’s Ergo.

Melee Attacks – Punch, Slash, Smash

parade master melee attacks in lies of p

There are several Melee attacks the Parade Master can use in Lies of P. Sometimes the boss does one attack and stops while other times he performs a chain of Melee attacks that players must block or avoid. Here are all possible Melee attacks:

parade master punch attack in lies of p

  • Punch: The Parade Master swings his right arm backward and punches players.

parade master slash attack in lies of p

  • Slash: The boss raises his hands in an X shape above his head and slashes players with them.

parade master smash attack in lies of p

  • Smash: Similar to the punch attack, the Parade Puppet raises his hand but instead of swinging, he smashes it to the ground and creates decent damage. As mentioned before, the boss may perform a chain smash attack where he smashes the right arm, then the left arm, and ends the attack by smashing both arms.

Most of these attacks will also be used in the second phase, but the boss will use a stick instead of his fists.

Charge Attack

parade master charge attack in lies of p

The Parade Master will take an angled position and charge at players. A Melee attack like a punch or a smash usually follows the move. The best way to counter it is by evading backward and creating some distance.

Body Slam

parade master body slam attack in lies of p

The Body Slam attack is fatal and will cause heavy damage upon contact. People can avoid it easily by watching the Parade Master movement. When the Puppet takes two small steps forward while opening his arms, dodge quickly as he’s about to jump and body slam.

Swing Attack

parade master swing attack in lies of p

After getting the Parade Master to half HP, he will enter the second phase, slam the cage strapped to his back on the ground, and then proceed to take out a stick to use as a weapon forcefully. Most of the Parade Master’s moves are swing attacks in this phase, where he swings the stick in a semicircle once or multiple times to create a chain attack. Sometimes he does a full circle by rotating his upper body, so keep that in mind.

Fury Attack

parade master fury attack in lies of p

The Parade Master’s Fury attacks aren’t set or fixed. Any of the previously mentioned moves can become a Fury attack and the only way to dodge it is by using a Perfect Guard in Lies of P or avoiding it. To differentiate between Fury and normal attacks, enemies will glow red when performing the former while they stay normal in the latter.

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