Inside the Venigni puppet factory is the Puppet of the Future, a towering and intimidating machine that serves as an ambient boss in Lies of P. Fighting this hulking mass of steel and frenzied violence isn’t quite as necessary as the other bosses, but the route it guards hides a few secrets and passages leading deeper into the facility,

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The Puppet of the Future is one of the easiest bosses in Lies of P, but newer players who have little experience fighting giants in a Soulslike game might run into some issues with it. Here’s the quickest way to beat this boss without dying.

Lies of P: Puppet of the Future Boss Fight

Attacking the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

Despite how scary it looks, the Puppet of the Future is pretty easy to beat. It moves slowly, and its attacks are clearly telegraphed. The boss does hit hard, however, and players who haven’t invested in Vitality or have any defensive gear equipped might get killed in one hit.

The best way to avoid the boss’ attacks is to hug one of its legs. By being this close, the Puppet of the Future will mostly spam stomp attacks, which can be dodged by simply sprinting to the opposite leg. Once it raises one of its feet, hurry to the other side and start swinging again. Avoid straying too far from the boss. Otherwise, it’ll swing its massive arms around and potentially hit players with its wrecking balls.

The Puppet of the Future's loot drops in Lies of P

The Puppet of the Future’s health pool is massive for an enemy this early into Lies of P, but certain weapons can make this fight go by faster. The Fulminis Legion Arm (obtained from the Scrapped Watchman boss) is the best choice here since it deals big bursts of electric damage. Likewise, the Electric Coil blunt weapon head is great against the Puppet of the Future since it deals sustained electric damage compared to any other weapon available at that point.

The whole fight consists of players hitting the boss and running away when it starts to rear up for an attack. The Puppet of the Future fight has no phases, so all players really need here is patience. Once the boss drops below half health, it will start doing more attacks like a double foot stomp that deals damage over a larger area. However, all of these are still easy to avoid, so players should have no trouble as long as they don’t get greedy with their hits.

Beating the Puppet of the Future rewards players with a piece of Quartz and a chunk of Ergo. The real reward of this boss fight is safe passage to the ladders in the boss arena as well as free access to the chest inside, which contains the Booster Glaive blade and handle.

Lies of P is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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